Senior Moments

When I was asked to be a contributor to the Norfolk Senior Center's new column "Senior Moments," I thought, "How hard can that be? My life is a series of senior moments. However, once I sat down at my computer to put a few thoughts in writing, I realized that this may be more challenging than I thought.

For one thing, being retired, I'm not used to having obligations … especially having to write an article (feels too much like school). The other problem is getting easily distracted by things I'd rather be doing like playing the piano or my guitar.

Since I made the commitment, however, I am going to attempt to capture my rambling thoughts and put them into something worth sharing, particularly with our older readers. That brings me to a question that comes up a lot for me since I spend a considerable amount of time at the Norfolk Senior Center.

What exactly is a "senior citizen?" I've found that depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer. I've also figured out that most people tend to have a negative view about being one. I find that quite perturbing. Personally, I was jumping up and down with glee the day I became eligible for Medicare.

For that matter, I was also thrilled when I turned 60, which is the official age at the Norfolk Senior Center when you become eligible for the suggested discounted meal price of $5. Not only that but at age 60, there are a lot of cool discounts that come into play everywhere you go.

If we work off the assumption that age 60 is the "magical" age for becoming a senior, I would venture to say that there are many of you out there reading this now who fit within the definition. I am proud to say that at the Norfolk Senior Center, we are rewriting the definition of senior from old and senile to vibrant and fun-loving.

We are constantly adding programs designed to keep our members healthy, active and entertained. We have everything from exercise programs, tai chi, line dancing, cards, pool and bingo, with plans to add Wii bowling. We are working on adding even more entertainment and interesting speakers during the lunch hour and to have random prize drawings during lunch as well.

Bottom line, if you are 60 or over (or if you know someone who is) and would like to add more fun and excitement into your life, then you need to come give the Norfolk Senior Center a visit. I encourage you to visit or call the center at 402-371-8299.

In addition to activities and meals printed each week in the Daily News, monthly calendars are available with menus listed, as well as all of the activities for the month. The center is located at the corner of Fourth Street and Elm Avenue.

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