It’s true when they say that times are no longer how they used to be, and that can be said about many things — including relationships. Just as times have changed our environment and the way we go about performing daily tasks, times have also changed the way we go about the relationships we form in our lives. The way we communicate has most definitely changed. Nowadays, we no longer call as often — we text. It’s faster and it’s easier, but it has also taken away from the meaning of the content we try to get across to those we love.

I’ve personally always been a fan of writing letters. I find writing to be the most peaceful and relaxing form of communication, but I also feel like handwritten letters show love in its purest form. For someone to be able to take the time out of their day to write their significant other a letter shows that they care enough to put effort in to make their significant other feel loved. Aside from writing letters, it’s no secret that most girls love to be taken out on a date. For the most part, we will always take up a chance to be able to get all dressed up and be treated special.

As great as these things may sound, they aren’t really common anymore. Many people, both men and women, don’t really go out of their way to show their love for those around them as much as they used to. To me, these things can make anyone feel appreciated, and reassuring your significant other that they’re appreciated can go a long way. Lack of appreciation can make both people in the relationship feel as if you may have started to go through the motions — and that’s a point nobody ever wants to reach in a relationship.

I think what’s different about relationships nowadays is that we’ve been raised to live in a society that tends to only want to live in the fast lane. While it’s great to want to get the most accomplished as fast as possible, at a certain point we have to remember to stop and appreciate those around us. Living in a society that tends to live in the fast lane can cause us to want to rush into a relationship as well. I believe that’s something that sets up some relationships to fail from the beginning. Sometimes we allow ourselves to become so overwhelmed by our feelings that our instinct becomes to rush into said relationship.

Taking things slowly can be very beneficial to the growth of a relationship, as it allows you to have time to actually get to know a person on a deeper level. Nowadays, it feels like we’re constantly being thrown one responsibility after another, and that can get to be a bit hectic at times. Therefore, it can be said that maintaining a healthy relationship with a significant other while balancing one’s own responsibilities isn’t easy by any means for both people in the relationship.

That’s why I believe that in order to make any relationship last, we must learn to maintain our individuality while being in one. Everyone needs alone time, and that doesn’t mean you love each other any less. It simply means that you can both respect that there needs to be more room to be independent. Suffocation may cause things to expire at a faster rate, so relax and give yourself some alone time. At the end of the day, having security alone is crucial to having it together.

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