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SANDY WOLFE (from left) and Jade LaFleur of Real Living Advantage Real Estate in Norfolk stand with Adam Thompson of First National Bank of Omaha in Norfolk as they accept the Norfolk Area Business Hall of Fame Emerging Business recognition.

A business that began with a conversation between a mother and daughter was inducted into the Norfolk Area Business Hall of Fame during a ceremony Thursday at the Norfolk Country Club.

Real Living Advantage Real Estate received the award for emerging business, which is presented to a business that is less than 5 years old.

The recognition is sponsored by the Daily News and First National Bank of Omaha in Norfolk.

Real Living Advantage Real Estate took flight four years ago when Jade Lafleur and her mother, Sandy Wolfe, were taking a walk and Lafleur told her mother she wanted to open a real estate office and wanted Wolfe to become the broker.

Wolfe agreed, and the two of them soon opened the agency, which is located on Norfolk Avenue.

“We are thrilled with the award,” said Wolfe before introducing members of the real estate team — 12 women and one man.

“There are not enough adjectives to describe these amazing ladies ... and one man,” she said.

In addition to working for the company, many of them are involved in community activities, she said, and are raising families.

“It’s important to all of us that we give back (to the community),” Wolfe said.

Wolfe also thanked her husband, Jay, who has been her “partner since she was 15 years old,” she said.

Lafleur, in turn, thanked their clients, bankers, title companies and “everyone we work with.”

“Thank you for everything you’ve done,” she said.

Jay Prauner, with the Daily News, and Adam Thompson, with First National Bank of Omaha, presented the award, which is a framed copy of the Daily News story about the company that was published several weeks ago.

Real Living Advantage Real Estate is the fourth emerging business to be inducted into the Norfolk Area Hall of Fame since the award was conceived in 2017. Others are Mama’s and Nana’s Cafe in Neligh in 2017, Real Estate Solutions Team in 2018 and Johnnie Byrd Brewing Company in Wayne in 2019.

The Norfolk Area Business Hall of Fame and emerging business awards were begun in 2017 to promote business and to recognize success and commitment to the community, Prauner said.

Dinkel Implement in Norfolk and Farmers Pride Cooperative in Battle Creek also were inducted into the hall of fame during ceremonies earlier this week.

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