Robert Osborne

Norfolk Late Model driver Robert Osborne won his second points title in five years of racing at Off Road Speedway last year. Points were only separated by two points between Osborne and Ben Sukup, but the final raced got rained out. 

Last season’s “Championship Night” at Off Road Speedway was rained out, but entering that night’s races, only one division was closely contested — the IMCA late models.

At the top of the division was Norfolk’s Robert Osborne, who held just a two-point lead, 401-399, over fellow Norfolkan Ben Sukup. Both were looking forward to the chance to determine the championship on the track, but the rainout prevented the duel, with Osborne winning his second points title in five years of racing at Off Road Speedway.

“I’ve won 37 track championships in my career, and there were times I lost them by one or two points and times I won them that way,” Osborne said. “It’s always been my thinking that you’ve just got to try to be there at the end and see what happens.”

Osborne, who began racing at the age of 14, still recalls winning his first track championship at Hartington in 1990 at the age of 21 while driving a stock car.

“Every race driver wants to win the points championship,” he said. “It’s the ultimate goal, so you try not to wreck the car and try to finish in the top five as often as you can. Consistency has a lot to do with it.”

Twice in his career, Osborne, now 51, has won three points championships in a single season by winning titles at tracks in Albion, Columbus and Norfolk.

And now, with the 2020 season finally slated to begin, Osborne is looking forward to racing on Thursday night at Columbus, then competing at Off Road Speedway’s season opener on Saturday.

“Like the other drivers, I’m ready to go,” he said.

2019 Off Road Speedway points leaders

IMCA Late Models: 1. Robert Osborne, Norfolk, 401; 2. Ben Sukup, Norfolk, 399; 3. Chris Johnson, Bloomfield, 389; 4. Travis Birkley, Wakefield, 382; 5. Jim Johnson, Plainview, 381; 6. Chase Osborne, Norfolk, 379; 7. Eric Vanosdall, Hoskins, 378; 8. Nelson Vollbrecht, Stanton, 377; 9. Devin Johnson, Bloomfield, 365; 10. Matt Haase, Norfolk, 333.

IMCA Sport Mods: 1. Cameron Meyer, Pierce, 466; 2. Robbie Thome, Spalding, 456; 3. Joey Haase, Norfolk, 452; 4. Jeremy Gnat, Battle Creek, 437; 5. Wes Hochstein, Randolph, 416; 6. Kyle Prauner, Norfolk, 413; 7. James Roebuck, Genoa, 402; 8. Eric Haase, Norfolk, 352; 9. Tim Swartz, Lincoln, 317; 10. Jonathan Jensen, Norfolk, 310.

IMCA Stock Cars: 1. Austin Brauner, Platte Center, 485; 2. Chad Bruns, Wakefield, 467; 3. TeJay Mielke, Norfolk, 463; 4. Shawn Primrose, Norfolk, 455; 5. Jason Wilkinson, Neligh, 452; 6. Tanner Pettitt, Norfolk, 373; 7. Ron Pettitt, Pierce, 369; 8. Jaycee Bruns, Wayne, 359; 9. Kyle Wilkinson, Neligh, 351; 10. Fred DeSive, O'Neill, 266.

IMCA Hobby Stocks: 1. Cameron Wilkinson, Neligh, 476; 2. Lance Mielke, Norfolk, 456; 3. Mark Arduser, Battle Creek, 437; 4. Travis Coover, Neligh, , 431; 5. Wyatt Lehman, Norfolk, 422; 6. Gage Koch, Norfolk, 421; 7. Shannon Pospisil, Norfolk, 410; 8. Jeremy Hoskinson, Norfolk, 405; 9. Tanner Uehling, Norfolk, 364; 10. Nate Buck, Neligh, 361.

IMCA Sport Compacts: 1. Ramsey Meyer, Pierce, 448; 2. Parker Vollbrecht, Stanton, 435; 3. Mark Benedict, Norfolk, 417; 4. Tom Meyer, Pierce, 392; 5. Bo Cleveland, Norfolk, 382.

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