Without even trying, we have a vintage Christmas this year. It’s the trend right now to use old decorations and recycled displays, so I went to a store specializing in vintage items to find some different Christmas décor to put around the house.

As I perused the shelves of the store and scanned what was hung on the walls, a fact became quickly apparent. I already was vintage. My basement has an abundance of old- timey items.

Another clue that I am already vintage was when I read an ad where someone was searching for and willing to pay a good sum of money for plastic molded manger scenes.

We have the plastic Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus and three wise men and I had always thought we should add an angel and a shepherd. I just hadn’t gotten around to looking. Now, as I saw the prices this person wanted to pay for any plastic molded. I asked my husband how attached he was to them and if he could possibly build a basic wooden set in the next couple weeks.

There are other items that I like that are Christmas collector’s items. I have one of those ceramic trees that has holes on the ends of the branches where lights are poked into. Some of the lights don’t work and I don’t dare try to get the lights out because it’s kind of valuable and I might break it. And here it always seemed one of my junkier vintage Christmas decorations.

Thirty years ago, I bought cast iron stocking holders to hang above the fireplace. They should stay packed in tissue paper in their boxes because people are looking for these items, too. They’re vintage just because I ordered them from a catalog and not online.

My granddaughter helped me put up our Christmas items, and I told her how this small wooden Christmas sled was from her great grandma, and the Christmas angel topping the tree was purchased when grandpa and I were married. I showed her the little angels that spell “N-O-E-L” that were my grandmother’s and the Christmas Carol book that was my mom’s when she was little. I put out the vintage Christmas tree skirt, the vintage snowman salt and pepper shakers and the Santa candy dish I’d gotten many years ago. She was mostly interested in the very non-vintage rubbery kids’ manger scene I’d gotten for her online last year.

I probably need to get somewhere to spruce up what I’ve got with something more modern, like a twig tree with LED lights or garland made of seashells. They’ll have to go right alongside my 80’s style red beads and pinecone wreath.

It’ll always be a vintage Christmas around here.

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