An arrest warrant was signed by a judge on Wednesday for a Norfolk woman charged with three felony counts of child abuse stemming from her alleged drug use around minors.

County Judge Michael Long signed the warrant for Tanya Rolf-Heck, 25, who was charged Jan. 13 following an investigation by the Norfolk Police Division.

On Nov. 30, the police division received a report regarding Rolf-Heck and three children who had been living with her at a residence in the 1600 block of West Norfolk Avenue, according to an arrest affidavit.

The person who contacted police was concerned that Rolf-Heck and others who had been inside her residence were using methamphetamine and ecstasy. There were reportedly others in Rolf-Heck’s residence who witnessed the drug use, and there also were several people who would come and go from Rolf-Heck’s apartment.

The witness told police it was unknown whether children were present when the drugs were being used in the apartment.

On Dec. 5, a police detective and an employee with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services went to Rolf-Heck’s residence. Rolf-Heck, three children and an adult relative were all at the apartment.

Rolf-Heck initially said she had used ecstasy within the last two weeks but that she hadn’t used methamphetamine since last summer.

The detective then questioned Rolf-Heck while the DHHS employee spoke with Rolf-Heck’s adult relative. Rolf-Heck allegedly changed her story and admitted to having used meth in the past two weeks. Rolf-Heck allegedly said she was trying to stop using the drug.

When asked where in the residence she would use meth, Rolf-Heck told the detective that she would go to the laundry room. She admitted to using meth at least one time while the three children were inside the apartment, according to the affidavit.

Rolf-Heck’s relative, meanwhile, told the DHHS employee that they were sure Rolf-Heck had been using drugs based on her behavior.

Upon a request from the detective, Rolf-Heck agreed to allow the children to submit to a hair follicle test to determine if they had been exposed to any drugs. Police said Rolf-Heck took the children to the Northeast Nebraska Child Advocacy Center on Dec. 13 for testing, the results of which were received on Dec. 29.

The results allegedly showed that all three children tested positive for methamphetamine, one of whom also tested positive for amphetamines.

According to police, “Child 1” had 2,060 picograms of meth per 1 milligram of hair. The confirmation cutoff for meth is 100 picograms per 1 milligram of hair, so the presence of meth in Child 1’s hair was more than 20 times greater than the cutoff rate.

“Child 2” had 3,346 picograms of meth per 1 milligram of hair, more than 33 times higher than the cutoff rate. Child 2 also had 233 picograms of amphetamines per 1 milligram of hair.

“Child 3” reportedly had 1,429 picograms of meth per 1 milligram of hair — 14 times the cutoff rate.

After police received the results, the children were removed from Rolf-Heck’s custody and placed under the care of the DHHS.

The detective wrote in the affidavit that he believed the children were “seriously endangered in their surroundings” and that immediate removal from Rolf-Heck’s custody appeared to be necessary for their protection.

In an amended arrest warrant affidavit filed on Tuesday, Matthew Kiernan, deputy Madison County attorney, said another prosecutor had received reports from friends and acquaintances of Rolf-Heck that she was possibly planning to flee the jurisdiction.

Rolf-Heck also had missed multiple mandated appointments, Kiernan said, although the types of appointments she missed were not specified in the court filing.

Long fixed Rolf-Heck’s bond at $50,000 pending her arrest. If she is convicted of each charge, Rolf-Heck would face up to a nine-year prison sentence.

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