MADISON — An Omaha man managed to cause a scene in district court Monday afternoon without saying a word.

Timothy Pickett, 40, was scheduled to be arraigned on a felony theft charge before Judge Mark Johnson. But Pickett, who was awaiting his hearing inside the jury box, refused to move when Johnson called his case.

A captain from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office motioned for Pickett to walk over to the defense stand, but Pickett refused. A pair of deputies approached Pickett and ordered him to stand up and leave the jury box, but still, no movement.

“Mr. Pickett, will you mind coming over here please?” the judge asked.

But Pickett, with a noticeable smirk on his face, refused to acknowledge the judge.

Johnson then opted to proceed with Pickett still sitting in the jury box before Chelsey Hartner, deputy Madison County public defender, intervened. Hartner walked over to Pickett in the jury box and appeared to be encouraging him to cooperate with the judge or, at minimum, walk over to the defense stand.

About a minute later, Pickett was escorted by deputies over to the defense stand.

The judge asked Pickett if he was present when he advised a group of defendants of their constitutional and statutory rights, to which Pickett sat silent.

Johnson then asked Pickett if he had heard the plea options that were available to him, which he again chose not to acknowledge.

“Mr. Pickett doesn’t respond, and the court finds that Mr. Pickett was present when the court advised the group of their possible plea options in the information filed against them,” Johnson said.

The information filed against Pickett by the county attorney’s office was filed on Monday. Defendants have the right to possess the information filed against them for at least 24 hours before making a plea, but they also may choose to waive that period and proceed to their arraignment.

Since Pickett hadn’t possessed the documents containing the charges against him for more than 24 hours and chose not to respond in court, Johnson continued the hearing to Friday, Dec. 17.

Before Pickett’s case was called, the judge called out each person’s name who was scheduled for an arraignment. Pickett, who was in the jury box at the time, didn’t acknowledge Johnson when his name was initially called out.

Pickett’s theft charge, a Class 4 felony, allegedly occurred on Sept. 10. He faces up to 2 years in prison if he is convicted.

Johnson continued Pickett’s bond at $10,000, with 10% required for release.

Others appeared (or did not appear) on the following charges Monday:

Probation violation for assault by strangulation

— Koy A. Otto, 24, 1001 Elm Ave., Apt. 2, motioned to continue his arraignment to Friday, Jan. 7, 2022.

Probation violation for possession of cocaine

— Timothy Owens, 33, 504 N. Fourth St., Apt. 7, motioned to continue his arraignment to Friday, Dec. 3.

Theft by deception ($5,000 or more)

— Marvel Jones, 63, 1700 N. Victory Road, pleaded not guilty.

Possession of methamphetamine

— Gina A. Barrett, 19, 201 N. 12th St., pleaded not guilty.

— Heather Biggerstaff, 39, 1012 S. Second St., pleaded guilty and will enroll in the Northeast Nebraska Adult Drug Court program.

Fraudulent acquisition of a controlled substance

— Michele L. Bristol, 48, Columbus, pleaded not guilty.

Terroristic threats, use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony, attempted first-degree arson

— Troy D. Chaney, 40, Pierce, motioned to continue his arraignment to Wednesday, Dec. 15.

Possession of methamphetamine (10 grams or more), possession of fentanyl, possession of clonazepam

— Zolana M. Costello, 40, Creighton, tested positive for amphetamine and methamphetamine; custody was remanded to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

Possession of methamphetamine, theft by receiving stolen property ($501-$1,499)

— Charles E. Krysl, 45, O’Neill, motioned to continue hearing to Friday, Dec. 3.

Driving under the influence — fourth offense

— Claudio M. Rodriguez, 31, 106 Jefferson Ave., pleaded not guilty.

Possession of alprazolam, possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person

— Bruce M. Simonsen, 23, Wisner, pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Possession of methamphetamine, driving under the influence — third offense, failure to appear when on bail

— Sheila A. Tift, 51, 914 S. 14th St., failed to appear and had a subsequent warrant issued for her arrest.

Driving under the influence (.15 grams or more) — third offense

— Evaristo Velez Vazquez, 42, Madison, pleaded guilty.

Third-degree domestic assault, possession of methamphetamine, possession of LSD

— Dennis J. Wilson, 30, Norfolk, tested positive for amphetamine; custody was remanded to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

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