The Norfolk City Council formalized the relationship between the city and the North Fork Area Transit at Monday night’s meeting.  

The city set aside funds for the transit during the budgeting process earlier this year, said Steve Rames, city engineer. But the contract the council approved Monday made the agreement official.  

“This formally puts in front of us the agreement between the city and Norfolk Area Transit,” Rames said.  

The city will give the transit $201,200 for startup expenses, Rames said. Another $108,333 will go to cover an estimated one-third of transit operation costs.

The transit plans to implement several major changes next year. These include a flex route system and eventually on-demand rides, like Uber or Lyft. The transit will continue its call-ahead service as well.  

Mayor Josh Moenning said this expansion of services is needed.  

“I think this is an important thing to do. I think the need for it has proven itself in the community,” he said. “With the reforms made to date in Norfolk Area Transit, we’ve seen a significant increase in ridership of people who are using it to get to school and get to work and get to the doctor. So, I think this is serving a very important need in the community on a very affordable basis.”

The Norfolk City Council met Monday at 5:30 p.m. at the Norfolk City Council chambers.

Council members present: Mayor Josh Moenning, Kory Hildebrand, Corey Granquist, Frank Arens, Gary L. Jackson, Andrew McCarthy, Thad Murren and Shane Clausen.  

Council member absent: Rob Merrill

Meeting lasted: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Others in attendance: City staff, eight; media representatives, three; and about six from the public.


— Rejected a request for a zoning change from A (Agricultural District) to R-R (Rural Residential District) on property generally located a half-mile northwest of the intersection of 49th Street and Benjamin Avenue.

— Tabled a request for a zoning change from R-1 (Single Family Residential District) to R-R (Rural Residential District) on property generally located southeast of the intersection at Highway 35 and East Benjamin Avenue.

— Approved a zoning change from C-3 (Service Commercial District) to R-3 (Multiple Family Residential District) on property addressed as 118 S. 13th St.

— Approved change order for the Norfolk Police Division parking lot expansion 2021 project, resulting in a net increase of $7,003.50.

— Approved change order for the Legacy Bend Fourth and Fifth Addition utility and paving improvements project resulting in a net increase of $6,804.55.

— Approved an agreement between the City of Norfolk and North Fork Area Transit Inc. (NFAT) to formally outline the operational relationship.


— Presented Green Leaf awards to a residence and to a business for outstanding planting of a variety of trees and landscaping.

— The council went into a closed session for the protection of public interest to discuss potential litigation.