A rural Laurel man who was out on bond awaiting sentencing on five felony charges and two misdemeanors was arrested again earlier this week.

Jackson Metheny, 26, was lodged at the Cedar County Jail on Monday on charges of stalking and violating a protection order resulting from allegations that he sat in his vehicle near the home of a family that has an active protection order against him.

On Feb. 27, Metheny pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal trespass, stalking, violating a protection order, escape, theft and two counts of third-degree assault on an officer stemming from a series of crimes he committed last year.

On Aug. 12, five people who live at a residence northeast of Laurel were granted a protection order against Metheny, who, four days earlier, entered the family’s home in the middle of the night without permission. As part of the protection order, Metheny is prohibited from telephoning, contacting or communicating with the petitioners in any way.

Further, as part of his bond conditions in his criminal cases, Metheny is not allowed to be within a quarter-mile of the family’s home or drive on the road closest to their property.

On Monday, Metheny is alleged to have sent one of the petitioners a “friend request” on Facebook, which would be a violation of the protection order against him.

A Cedar County deputy drove to the family’s home to “make a presence in the area,” according to an arrest affidavit. While the deputy was driving to the area, one of the petitioners reported that Metheny was parked in a pickup at an intersection near the family’s home.

The pickup allegedly was in the area for 20 to 25 minutes and slowly moved closer to the victims’ home. After one of the petitioners drove by the pickup, the pickup turned around and drove to Metheny’s residence nearby.

Metheny’s latest apprehension marks the latest in a string of arrests dating to last July. He was arrested on July 2 and charged with obstructing a police officer and criminal mischief, although an affidavit detailing why Metheny was charged was not included in public court documents.

Metheny was released on a $7,000 personal recognizance bond and was arrested again following the Aug. 8 incident in which he entered the family’s home without consent.

Later on Aug. 8, a Cedar County jailer and a deputy were attempting to move Metheny from one cell to another because he was destroying property in his first cell.

The deputy said Metheny was handcuffed with his hands in front of his body because he had become agitated when directed to place his hands behind his back.

While en route to his new cell, Metheny tensed up and refused to continue walking, according to a deputy. A struggle ensued, and the jailer apparently fell and was being dragged by Metheny.

The deputy said he put his left arm in between Metheny’s handcuffs in an attempt to pull Metheny to the ground. Metheny then started to pull back, causing the handcuffs to strike the deputy’s arms, resulting in abrasions, bruising and a laceration.

Metheny attempted to bite the deputy and he also kneed the jailer in the face, causing a bloody mouth and redness to the face.

Metheny later was released on a personal recognizance bond.

On the night of Oct. 19, deputies were dispatched to the residence belonging to the family that had been granted a protection order against Metheny. The residents said Metheny was on their front porch and that there was video of Metheny looking through a window and attempting to open the door. Metheny was arrested the next day.

On Oct. 22, Metheny escaped the jail. Deputies were told that Metheny had gone to his home. As authorities were responding, Metheny could be seen fleeing north on an ATV from his residence.

A pursuit started, and multiple law enforcement agencies assisted with bringing Metheny into custody after he was located in an outbuilding on property about 3 miles south of Concord.

Authorities said an investigation revealed that the ATV was stolen from Hartington and used by Metheny to get to his residence before the pursuit.

The 26-year-old posted 10% of $75,000 in each of his three criminal cases on Jan. 27. A hearing for Metheny in Cedar County Court on his new charges had not been set as of Tuesday afternoon.

In an email sent to the Daily News on Monday, one of the five people who has a protection order against Metheny said Metheny was traumatizing her family.

Metheny is scheduled to be sentenced by District Judge Bryan Meismer for his older charges on Monday, April 24. He faces up to 14½ years in prison.

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