ALBION — Cows, horses and goats — along with pigs, sheep and chickens — are the typical animals you would see roaming the fairgrounds at county fairs.

The Boone County Fair brought another living creature to the fair this week.


“We are the only traveling butterfly exhibit in the country. Kids and adults light up when they get to see these butterflies,” said Mike Davis of The Butterfly Encounter. “It really brings the joy out in everybody.”

Davis, along with Jason and Deborah Lurie and the rest of The Butterfly Encounter, traveled from Tampa Bay, Florida, earlier last week to get everything set up.

This is something they have been doing for many years, but they experienced Nebraska for the first time.

“I love small-town America,” Davis said.

The Butterfly Encounter has numerous kinds of butterflies that fly around, including monarchs, great white butterflies, pink lady butterflies and blue and yellow butterflies. There are a total of 100 butterflies that fly around the flowers and hang from the netting.

Those who wanted to go into the exhibit this week were able to walk around and look at the butterflies up close.

“It’s been great to have them,” said Dave Noble, president of the Boone County Fair.

The Boone County Fair has been booming the past couple of days with the Tanner Pelster Memorial Race on Sunday, monster truck racing that took place on Monday and capping off with Sawyer Brown, featuring special guest Parmalee, in concert on Tuesday.

“Everything went really well. We have had a lot of people on the grounds and have had good turnouts the last couple of nights,” Noble said. “Ticket sales have been going crazy.”

Later this month, The Butterfly Encounter will travel to Lincoln and then on to Alaska for a month in August.

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