A 38-year-old Allen man charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor stemming from the alleged assault of a minor is awaiting trial in Dixon County District Court.

Kenneth Bruggeman is charged with assault by strangulation, child abuse and disturbing the peace and is scheduled to appear in court next on Monday, Aug. 22.

The charges against Bruggeman arose after he purportedly drank heavily on July 31, 2021, became angry with a boy because the child was apparently talking back to him, and threw the boy to the ground before choking him unconscious.

According to an affidavit, law enforcement arrived at an Allen residence on the day of the incident after a woman reported that a boy was struggling to breathe as the result of an assault, prompting the need for rescue personnel.

The woman told a Dixon County sheriff’s deputy that at first, Bruggeman was yelling at the child, prompting the boy to ask Bruggeman to stop. But Bruggeman allegedly became angrier and placed his hands around the boy, choking him and causing his face to turn red.

The witness alleged that the boy was unresponsive for three to four minutes and, after he woke up, the boy tried to vomit but couldn’t because he had extreme pain in his throat. The child continued struggling to breathe, according to the affidavit, so the woman called for an ambulance.

The woman said she captured some of the incident on camera and showed a series of videos to law enforcement. After authorities spoke with Bruggeman, he reportedly said that the boy was struggling to breathe, but he didn’t know why. Bruggeman, authorities said, admitted to arguing with the boy but denied touching the child.

In January, Bruggeman pleaded not guilty to each charge. He has remained out on bond since Oct. 25 after he or someone on his behalf posted 10% of a $150,000 for him to get out of jail.

If Bruggeman is convicted, Sixth Judicial District Judge Bryan Meismer could sentence him to up to 6 years and 3 months in prison. Bruggeman, who has multiple DUI convictions, plus an animal cruelty conviction, is represented by Joel Carlson of Norfolk.

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