Mahalo Boutique

Leilani Baller of Creighton transformed her online business into a storefront business called Mahalo Boutique, which opened in Creighton in mid-October.

Mahalo Boutique (in Hawaiian, Mahalo means “Thank You”)

708 Main St., Creighton

Business overview: “Every small town needs an individualized-to-that-location boutique,” said Leilani Baller. “That’s where I stop and shop when I travel.”

Mahalo Boutique specializes in clothing for all sizes, from size 1 through 3X.

Baller has had a successful online business out of her home and, through requests, learned that she needed to offer a variety of sizes and styles of clothing and accessories.

“I needed to get my own space back in my home when this building became available,” she said. “The main street possibility in a busy small town was an instant call to me. I am also on Facebook and Instagram.”

Owners/operators and their background: Leilani Baller is the owner of Mahalo Boutique. She was born and raised in California and came from a military family. She has three brothers, all of whom have served in the military, and three sisters. Baller has been in Creighton almost 20 years and worked with her husband in the Creighton Lockers.

Business hours: 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; 9 a.m. until noon, Saturday.

When did the business open? The storefront location opened Oct. 10. The online store opened in February.

Number of employees: Baller and one part-time, after-school student.

What makes your business unique? “I love shopping and buying clothes and knew that a lot of women do, too,” Baller said. “I was determined to build my own business to my taste but with an eye to what ordinary individuals would also like for stylish, casual or dress styles.”

The Main Street building has been a 2½-year process.

“My husband and I literally used a sledge hammer on the plaster wall that revealed a beautiful brick wall, removed the drop ceiling to find (original) my favorite color, MINT ceiling,” she said. “New wooden flooring and large dressing and bathroom were also my request. The city of Creighton revitalization project was extremely helpful, and we were able to obtain all new windows and with a different view from the inside or outside, we are looking good and looking to a fantastic future.”

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