Monday: French toast sticks with eggs, cheeseburger, fresh baked ham and cheese sub, crispy chicken salad with roasted flatbread or turkey combo deli wrap, fresh baby carrots, hash brown triangle, fruit and milk.

Tuesday: Italian dunkers with marinara dipping sauce, mini corn dogs, fresh baked turkey and cheese sub, fajita salad with tortilla chips or crispy chicken deli wrap, fresh broccoli florets, green beans, fruit and milk.

Wednesday: Chili with crackers, grilled chicken sandwich, combo sub, roasted flatbread, grilled chicken wrap, vegetable, fruit and milk.

Thursday: Breaded steak fries and roll, crispy chicken sandwhich, ham and cheese sub, southwest salad with chips, turkey and cheddar wrap, vegetable, fruit and milk.

Friday: Domino’s pizza, taquito grande with sauce, ham and turkey sub, grilled chicken salad with flatbread, fajita deli wrap, vegetable, fruit and milk.