A common question going around is, “Do you wear a mask on a regular basis?” My standpoint on this question varies. Personally for myself, I choose when the “right” situations come to wear a mask. I also believe that people should choose whether they want to wear masks or not. Therefore, I do not believe that masks should be mandated in Nebraska. If you as an individual feel it is necessary for you to wear masks, I fully respect and support your decision. I just don’t feel that people should be forced into wearing a mask if they choose not to. I also believe that if you are sick, and you are having any of the symptoms of COVID, don’t leave your house. Self-quarantine yourself as you would if you had the flu.

In other news

“Land of the free.” “Pursuit of happiness.” “Equal opportunity.” For so long, the United States has boasted these ideals above all else. Basically becoming America’s selling strategy, newcomers are told they will have every opportunity offered to them here, and fairly.

Back in 2013, a movement was born after an African American teen by the name of Trayvon Martin was shot and killed, as #BlackLivesMatter was being used around on social media to promote it. During the pandemic, BLM and its importance was stressed and brought back into the realm of social med…

The fundamental tenet of the Black Lives Matter movement, which stands for racial justice and equality, is honorable, just and desperately necessary. And yet, the political controversy associated with the Black Lives Matter movement and counter-protest movements prevents unified racial progress.