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When we’re with our 20-somethings kids in Lincoln, we’ve become acquainted with the practice of using Grubhub, Ubereats or Doordash delivery to get our meals rather than going out. It’s a food delivery service but for about 400 different restaurants in the Lincoln area. The app on your phone lets you know up front how much your total food bill is including the delivery fee. You order online from the app and then the restaurant gets the order and a driver heads to your house. You can see the progress of the delivery person on the app on your phone as the little digital car chugs along a map towards you. Once the app lets him know he’s at the right place, he leaves the bag of food at your door — no payment needed as you paid on the app. It beats getting out and driving and them waiting at a restaurant table when you’d rather watch football or talk at home while you wait.

With harvest in full spring, Tom and I both said how nice it would be if there was a FieldEats or Farmerfood app so there was a way to get restaurant food delivered to the field. This time of year, there really isn’t time to stop and eat a full meal at home or at a local eatery. A half hour of downtime adds up when the grain elevator is going to close at 6 p.m. and you need to get every load in that you can. You never know if a windstorm or even snow is going to knock down a perfectly good field. But you still have to eat.

With a farm delivery service, a farmer could get on his phone while combining, order whatever he wanted off the app and then wait until the driver came down the road with his meal. Slick. FarmerDash seems like the answer.

One thing to consider is that many fields are a bit hard to find and even the best of apps can’t use GPS to find you when you don’t have a signal. We’ve been farming a long time and I’ve been delivering meals a long time and last week I still missed the corner to find Tom and ended up four miles in the wrong direction.

These farm food delivery people would also likely have to drive pickups. Sometimes you have to take the meal to the driver of the tractor pulling the auger wagon when it’s out in the middle of the field. You can’t ust sit there and wait for tractor to come to the end rows. If you’re going to deliver meals, you should try to deliver them hot.

A farm food delivery person would also need to be open to picking up a part or two and delivering it along with the food to the field. Maybe there could be a place on the app where you could add a request for the driver to stop at a farm implement store.

If someone starts a farm delivery service up, let me know and I’ll be the first to sign up.

In other news

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