National Weather Service NDN

Listed below is the 24-hour rainfall in inches as of 7 a.m. Monday in area communities.


Ainsworth 0.04 Airport

Albion 0.01 Airport

Atkinson 0.81 Roger Brink

Beemer 0.35 Jake Ott

Belden 1.35 Cathy Huetig

Hoskins 0.15 Mike Deck

Laurel 0.58 Verneal Gade

Neligh 0.20 Richard Sanne

Norfolk, airport trace National Weather Service

Randolph 1.30 Gail Bazata

Royal 0.48 Robert Schleusener

Valentine 0.06 Airport

Wayne 0.49 Airport

If your town isn’t represented in the above chart, and you would like to participate in the Weather Watch program, contact the managing editor at 877-371-1020.

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