One of the stupidest platitudes ever uttered is “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” Of course there’s such a thing as a stupid question —just as there is such a thing as stupidity in general.

I don’t know if the number of stupid questions has been increasing recently, but stupidity in general has definitely been on the rise.

My husband’s refrain of late after watching the evening news is, “People just keep getting stupider and stupider.”

When he first started this mantra, I dismissed it as a general frustration-relief mechanism. But then I started noticing that, yes, it does seem that stupidity is more apparent than it used to be.

I’m not allotted enough newspaper space — and I wouldn’t have enough energy anyway — to list all of the recent examples of stupidity. But here are a few highlights.

If you’re going to participate in a crime, does it seem a little bit on the stupid side to take selfies of yourself engaging in that crime — and then post those selfies for all the world (which obviously includes law enforcement) to see? I’m sure there are a lot of example of this particular act of stupidity, but a high-profile one is the riot involving the U.S. Capitol.

You might argue that the rioters deliberately did it because they wanted notoriety — but, considering the consequences, doesn’t that in itself seem a little bit stupid?

And speaking of crimes, let’s talk about crimes against flight attendants. There have been quite a few assaults on flight attendants, and they have been highly publicized — including the steep consequences that go with such an act. And, yet, people continue to assault flight attendants.

Now, I don’t understand why anyone wants to assault anyone at all, but if you are a person who is inclined toward assaulting someone, does it seem intelligent to do it in a place where there is literally NO avenue of escape?

Again, perhaps these criminals want the notoriety so that they can make a statement against being forced to wear a mask. But does it seem intelligent to make such a statement when the likely result will be the forced wearing of an orange jumpsuit (not to mention the forced parting with thousands of dollars)?

I read an NPR article the other day in which a crowd-behavior scientist was imparting advice about how to avoid getting crushed in a crowd, as happened to many people at the recent Travis Scott concert. One of the nuggets of “wisdom” was — drumroll, please — to remain on your feet.

Really. I can’t make this stuff up.

Does anyone really think that as a crowd is surging toward and around you, you should fall down? Is anyone even remotely on the fence about whether to remain on your feet in such a situation?

And speaking of crowds, there was a crowd at a Brass Against concert a week ago — a crowd that got to witness one of the female performers urinating on a male concertgoer. You might think I’m pointing out that the act of urinating on someone else is stupid — and it is stupid, among other things. But the real stupidity is that the male fan voluntarily went up on stage, with a can attached to his head, and laid down on the stage so that the rocker could do her business in the can on his head. And by all accounts, he seemed totally unfazed that her aim was less than perfect.

It is undoubtedly not very politically correct to use the word “stupid,” but when the can fits. …

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In other news

HOWELLS — A basketball game broke out in the second half of a game between a couple of football powers here Thursday night with Howells-Dodge eventually outmuscling Pierce 54-42 in both teams' first game on the hardwood this season.

With only one returning starter in senior Erin Schwanebeck and just two more letter winners — senior Amber Schwanebeck and junior Tessa Gall — back, the Norfolk High girls basketball team is having its own version of a talent search tryout.

What a season we had in 2021. I can’t begin to tell you how fun it was seeing the area’s best teams and games from August to November. Whatever the weather, a football field is not a bad place to be on a Friday night.

Despite suffering losses to Millard South and Lincoln Southeast, respectively, the Norfolk High boys and girls basketball teams made positive strides while returning to the court following one-sided losses in season-opening Early Bird Classic basketball games.