Immigrants have come from all over the world seeking a new start or a place of refuge. My grandfather’s family started in Norway. His great-grandfather was an immigrant from Norway. At that time, immigration to the U.S. was booming. If my grandfather’s great-grandfather hadn’t come overseas with his wife, my family probably wouldn’t be the same.

With a Norwegian descent comes Norwegian traditions. Every year at Christmas my family has two Norwegian treats: lefse and rømmegrøt. Lefse is a potato tortilla. It's eaten with butter and sugar. The tortilla is rolled up, and the inside is truly delicious. Rømmegrøt is sour cream pudding. I know it sounds awful, but it's really delicious. The pudding has sugar and cinnamon on top. These two treats are part of the Norwegian culture.

The U.S. has many different cultures thanks to immigration. Yes, we have had issues recently with immigration, especially illegal immigration. However, without immigration, we wouldn't have the different cultures that we have today. For example, my friend's family is from Mexico, so when their family brings food to church get-togethers, such as our church Christmas party, there's always some sort of delicious Mexican dish.

Speaking of Mexican food, where would the Mexican restaurants be if people hadn't immigrated to the U.S.? The U.S. wouldn't have restaurants like Taco Bell, Taco John's, El Mezcal, and many more. We also wouldn't have taco trucks at fairs. Another culture we wouldn't have without immigration is Chinese culture. Without this culture, we wouldn't have Chinese restaurants. We also wouldn't have Mongolian barbeque without the Mongolian culture.

There are many reasons why immigration is so important. Immigration has been a huge part of our country’s history. As I said before, we wouldn’t have as many awesome cultures in our beautiful country without immigration.

In other news

BLOOMFIELD — On a cold and blustery Tuesday afternoon and with a snow-covered field, the Falls City Sacred Heart Irish rolled into Bloomfield and turned back the undefeated Bees, knocking them out of the Class D2 state football playoffs with a 36-0 victory.