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It seems in our fast-paced lives, we never get to fully experience the gifts nature has to offer. People have started to find ways around that, like hunting. Obviously to some people it may seem like sitting vigilantly in silence watching trees and grass sway. It may get boring to those people, but that’s nature. There’s no hustle-bustle sign of city life, just you and wildlife. Not only is hunting a great way to make memories and bonds, but it’s able to teach you multiple life lessons like patience and appreciation for nature’s beauty which are necessary life skills that are taught while hunting.

Patience, which is much needed in everyday life. Just sitting in complete silence for hours without seeing any sign of life can get boring fast. If you can learn to be patient while hunting, you can be patient with just about anything in life. Another thing hunting teaches you is stealth. Also, many people take nature for granted. Hunting makes you appreciate nature and the outside world around you. Once you are sitting right in the middle of it, it really makes you have a better appreciation for its beauty.

I have a lot of great experiences with hunting. Since I’m in high school, I have a lot more responsibilities, so it’s hard for me to get out and be able to hunt. When I was younger though, I remember going out with my dad a lot. We would stay at my grandparent’s house and hunt on their land. We would get up before dawn, load the pickup and head out for a full day of sitting in the cold. It might not sound like fun, but once you experience first-hand, it truly is a great time.

I remember one time, sitting in the middle of nowhere with my dad, freezing and wanting to go home because we had not seen anything for hours. “Ally, you just need to be patient,” my dad told me. I just ignored him. We sat for a few more hours in silence, staring at the trees and dead grass. Then, eventually, we started talking. My dad told me stories about his life when he was younger and all about his personal hunting stories. I learned a lot from him and I’m glad hunting brought us together. We never saw any deer that day, but honestly, that didn’t matter to me anymore. I strengthened my relationship with my dad which is great within itself.

Hunting can be a great experience for everyone. It teaches you many life lessons and you can make memories and bonds that last a lifetime. Try hunting, you definitely won’t regret it.

In other news

Tom got me what I considered to be the ideal Christmas gift as it included three important things: technology, entertainment and less time cleaning.

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