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For years I was officially anti-hot tub thinking it was foolish to pay a higher monthly electric bill in order to maintain a tub of germy hot water. Yuck.

Then my sister got a hot tub and said it was one of the best purchases they had ever made. She said her adult kids would sit with them out in their backyard hot tub and talk for an hour or so. No one really talks on their phones in the hot tub because they might drop them in the water so there is nothing better to do than talk. I started to soften on the idea.

When some friends of ours sold their hot tub, we made the leap, getting our new-to-us hot tub wired and set behind our house. I’m officially pro-hot tub now.

First of all, the water in the hot tub can be kept clean using just a few PH strips to test it, and some chemicals from the spa shop to keep everything balanced and clean. If I can keep the water in a hot tub clean, anyone can.

With six adult kids and their friends visiting, the hot tub gets plenty of use. Even in the summer, when it’s 80 degrees F out after the sun goes down, there might be kids in the hot tub listening to music and talking.

When it gets cold out in the winter, the hot tub is used more than ever. There’s nothing like looking up the stars in the clear winter sky while you sit relaxing in a hot tub. Yes, even Tom and I are in the hot tub about twice a week relaxing and loosening up sore muscles or joints.

The last couple of weeks we’ve listened to coyotes howling in the not-so-distant field, and I keep hoping they appear on the ridge at the edge of our lawn. So far, we can just hear them, and I guess we could splash at them if they got too close.

We’ve been out in the hot tub when it’s snowing and even when a little sleet was falling. Which is actually pretty cool.

Never say never especially if you’re thinking you’ll never get a hot tub. If you’re looking for a place to relax, reconnect with family, enjoy winter nights outside and help your aches and pains, you may just find that a hot tub would be a good addition to your back yard.


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