Diane Becker, "Country Life"

That spare change jar you have sitting on top of your bedroom dresser may be valuable — maybe even worth more than the coins’ face value.

That’s because there is currently a coin shortage in the country as many people weren’t shopping and spending their change in the last few months and used credit cards when they did go out and shop.

On June 11, the Federal Reserve announced there was a shortage of coins in circulation, and the government had contributed to the shortage by actually not producing as many coins in the last few months as they usually do “due to measures put in place to protect employees.”

Not as many coins in production and people using credit cards instead of pulling coins out of their pocket has made for way less coins in circulation. It’s true. When was the last time you paid in dollars and coins?

Some banks are reportedly not getting their weekly allotment of coins making the coins that we have in that pocket change container in our bedroom particularly valuable. A bank in Wisconsin is even offering a “coin buyback” program to pay more than face value for coins so they can put them back into circulation.

This news makes me wish I hadn’t stuffed my pile of coins that I had in my car into a parking meter in Lincoln when I could have used a credit card.

I also wish I would have picked up the dime and quarter laying there on the floor at the volleyball tournament this past weekend. There they were on the floor \h— no one claiming them and there for the taking.

At the time, it seemed kind of a germy thing to do so I didn’t pick them up, but I didn’t know then what I know now. I might have plucked them off the floor and washed my hands afterward now that I know how valuable they are. Or maybe not.

A Tampa, Florida, gas station advertised they want to buy any extra change people have. Some large chain stores are asking for exact change because they don’t have the coins to give you back in change. Who’d ever think there would be a coin shortage?

It’s time to check for those extra coins around the house. Pull up the cushions on your couch, dump out your purse, check the floor of your vehicle. Those stray quarters and sticky dimes, at least for now, are pretty valuable.


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