Diane Becker, "Country Life"

It’s easy to toss items in closets, drawers or cupboards and never think about or use them again. It’s wintertime and here’s a starter list of 10 things to get rid of.

1. Get rid of your toothbrush if you’ve been using it for more than three months, which means it’s time to get a new toothbrush if you haven’t opened up a new one since Thanksgiving.

2. Get rid of cords for old technology. Still storing those wide ended Apple cords? There hasn’t been a device to use those cords for eight years. Be sentimental about old Valentines and not old computer cords.

3. Get rid of expired medicines. You might have saved leftover pain medicine from when you had a tooth pulled or other surgery. Those bottles need to be tossed not only because it happens more often than you’d think — a visitor to your home using your bathroom finds and takes your old medicine, but also because medicine expires. Run, don’t walk, to your medicine cabinet and get rid of your old meds.

4. Get rid of your old condiments. Do you know how long that half a jar of olives has been on your refrigerator shelf or that bottle of exotic mustard on the door? If you haven’t eaten them in the last month you probably won’t eat them soon, so make a little more room in your fridge and get rid of expired food.

5. Get rid of old product manuals. This is a hard thing for me as I like to keep the directions for new toasters. There’s a really good chance I’m storing manuals for the dishwasher we used to have and is long gone. We probably need only about five manuals for things around the house and that info can be downloaded from the internet in a pinch.

6. Get rid of last year’s sunscreen. It expires. Trust me on this one.

7. Get rid of old bed sheets and pillowcases. You probably have drop cloths to last you for 20 years, so get rid of old sheets and pillowcases, and toss or donate your old towels to an animal shelter while you’re at it.

8. Get rid of board games that are worn out or are missing parts. New games are cheap. Why not enjoy playing a game that’s intact? This would include getting rid of incomplete decks of playing cards too.

9. Get rid of old paint. Open a lid and let it dry then throw it out. The matching paint on your wall has faded anyway so it probably doesn’t match.

10. Get rid of some people. Yikes. That doesn’t soon very nice, but limit exposure to toxic people by watching who you follow on social media. Why let their negativity affect your daily mood?

We’re still in winter — plenty of time to get rid of lots of things. Good luck.


In other news

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