In all honesty, when asked about the recent drone sightings, I didn’t know much of anything about them. All I could tell you was that I thought they were very odd and they even seemed somewhat suspicious to me.

After hearing more and more about these drones, I decided to do a little research so I could figure out how I really felt about them, and I found the drones to be a lot more interesting than I had initially thought.

Through research, I learned that in order to fly a drone between the weights of .55 pounds and 55 pounds it must be taken into account by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Knowing this fact definitely made me less suspicious because even though us citizens may not know where these drones are coming from, at least the FAA should have some idea of who is flying these drones and their reasoning behind it.

On the other hand, I still find the drones suspicious. Because we aren’t used to seeing drones flying around and it’s a very new thing in Nebraska, I would think that the FAA would possibly send out or publish something so that citizens aren’t startled or frightened by the drones, like most people were.

With that being said, we still haven’t heard any updated information on the drones, which raises more suspicion.

Although the drones seem suspicious or are viewed badly, I have also found research explaining multiple good reasons drones are being used. A few of the most common positive reasons for drones are being used for farming, being used in wars, being used for realty, being used for advertising, and many more.

In other news

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