New Year’s resolutions come in all sorts: I’ll work out more, I’ll eat healthier foods, I’ll quit smoking. But with all of these New Year’s resolutions begs the question: do people stick to resolutions? The short answer is no. More than half of the population doesn’t complete their New Year’s resolutions.

Why don’t people keep up with their New Year’s resolutions? Many people make their New Year’s resolutions too simple, like the examples I gave above. ‘I’ll work out more’ isn’t a plan or a resolution. If you were to change the resolution to ‘I’ll work out on Monday and Wednesdays’, you have a plan you are more likely to stick to. A lot of people give up on their resolutions because they miss one day and fall back into unhealthy habits. Just because you miss one day of working out doesn’t mean you stop altogether—you keep going and don’t punish yourself for a simple mistake. New Year’s resolutions are often abandoned by many, so maybe you must be focused and determined to keep up with New Year’s resolutions.

Being focused is not the key. I know I am contradicting myself, but I have kept a lot of New Year’s resolutions and I can be very unfocused sometimes. Some of the New Year’s resolutions that I have made are: Stop drinking pop (four years ago—success), Stop eating beef (one year ago—success), and Stop eating junk food (this one I failed miserably). For me, New Year’s resolutions are easy to keep because most of the time, they are changes that I already want to make in my life, but I just wait until New Year’s to change it—which is the whole point of resolutions. However, I think if you want to make a change you shouldn’t wait for the new year to do it.

Despite what I just said, the New Year’s resolution I’m making this year won’t go into effect until the new year. My New Year’s resolution this year is to stop eating cheese products so much. Like in the first paragraph where I talked about the wording of New Year’s resolutions, I didn’t immediately say I’m cutting out all cheese products. I said I’m going to stop eating them so much. So, maybe on occasion I’ll still eat cheese, but not all the time. The only reason I’m waiting to put this resolution into effect is because I like mac and cheese quite a bit; however, I think my lactose intolerance will thank me in the end.

In other news

It’s the strangest thing. Some nights I fall asleep at 11 p.m. On other nights it might be 9 p.m., and then others it might be 3 a.m. If you ask anyone how they’re sleeping right now, chances are people will tell you they’re having the same sleep experience that I am. No night of sleep is the same.

The following area bankruptcies were filed in U.S. Court, District of Nebraska. Reprinted by permission from the Daily Record of Omaha.