Madison County Clerk’s Office

Marriage licenses

Selvin Orellana Jr., 24, to Katelyn Eacker, 24. Luke Rethwisch, 26, to Savannah Bush, 24.

Madison County District Court

Domestic cases filed

Filing for divorce

Kristi Hintz v. Charles Hintz.

Criminal case judgments

Tremaine L. Smith, 28, Lincoln, third-degree domestic assault, false reporting, 12 months’ probation, 90 days in the Madison County Jail before probation ends, costs.

Caleb Howe, 29, 911 Larayne Lane, possession of methamphetamine, 18 months’ probation, costs.

Lisa Lewis, 45, Norfolk, theft by receiving ($0-$500) — third offense, 18 months in the Nebraska Department of Corrections with credit for 37 days served, costs. 

Madison County Court

Criminal Case Judgments

Karly Hart, minor in possession, $250, car impounded for 30 days, costs.

Darlene M. Tieva, attempt of a Class 4 felony, $500, costs.

Lorna Prue, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Jose M. Sanchez-Garcia, driving under the influence, $500, 6 months’ probation, license revoked for 60 days, costs.

Yadiel Rodriguez-Rios, minor in possession, fictitious plates, $350, costs.

Rafael L. Teboe, disturbing the peace, $400, costs.

Wesley J. Arceneaux, possession of marijuana, $300, costs.

Brady L. Frahm, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Salatiel Santos Sanchez, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Felicia L. Desplinter, willful reckless driving, $500, license revoked for 30 days, costs.

San Te, driving under the influence, $500, 12 months’ probation, license revoked for 60 days, costs.

Juan Gallegos-Rasgado, driving under the influence, $500, 9 months’ probation, license revoked for 60 days, costs.

Manuel Garcia Jr., driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Karis L. Barlow, third-degree domestic assault, $300, 6 days in jail with credit for 6 days served, costs.

Aspen E. Bennier, open alcohol container, $50, costs.

Juan A. Nava, driving under the influence, $500, 6 months’ probation, license revoked for 60 days, costs.

Stephanie Kortje, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Yolanda Contreras Morales, theft by shoplifting ($0-$500), $300, $30.24 restitution, costs.

Jakawin L. Webb, possession of drug paraphernalia, no operator’s license, $175, costs.

Lindy R. Rath, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

David Serrano Ramirez, driving under suspension, $250, costs.

City ordinance violations

Christina L. Schaffer, nuisance violation, $100, costs.

Marcus Schaffer, nuisance violation, $100, costs.

Felony cases bound over to district court

Kevin Cerroblanco, third-degree assault of an officer.

Trey J. Wheeler, possession of a controlled substance.

Speeding violations

Ryan R. Steckelberg, $25, costs. Kevin A. Rafferty, $75, costs. Nadia Garzoria Maldonado, failure to use child passenger restraint, $225, costs. Brandon Aguirre, $25, costs. Randall F. Stingley, $25, costs. Ryne G. Battershaw, $25, costs. Kearra K. Finley, $75, costs. Rolando Trujillo, $125, costs. William P. Curry, $75, costs. Darian M. Long, $25, costs. Damian J. Hess, $200, costs. Alman M. Kenyon, no operator’s license, $375, costs. Monica Alvarez, $25, costs. Mark J. Baumann, $75, costs. Wyatt R. Millburg, $125, costs. Michael C. Krueger, $75, costs. Karson M. Robinson, $25, costs. Nathaniel N. Fonseca, $125, costs. Rory N. Contreras, $75, costs. Carlos Ortiz Guevara, $75, costs. Tina V. Shank, $75, costs.

Other citations

Jose A. Rodriguez, no commercial driver’s license, overweight capacity plates, $150, costs. Kimberly K. McAllister, no proof of insurance, $100, costs. Hector A. Hernandez, no operator’s license, $75, costs. Eugene R. Felber, brake violation, $50, costs. Joshua K. Lopez, no valid registration, $25, costs. Douglas A. Breiner, overweight on axle, $25, costs. Nicole Hollum, unlawful parking, $25, costs. Alexander J. Robinson, negligent driving, $75, costs. Juan F. Ramirez Martinez, no valid operator’s license, $75, costs. Rhea L. Kollars, no valid registration, $25, costs. Jada M. Heiser, traffic control signal violation, $75, costs. Abby L. Jokinen, no valid operator’s license, $75, costs. Ashley A. Nordhues, stop sign violation, $75, costs. Charles K. Fraser, no valid registration, $25, costs. Rebecca L. Bunik, no valid registration, $25, costs. David W. Northup, negligent driving, $75, costs. Cooper J. Mingus, negligent driving, $75, costs. Ramiro Tziquin Hernandez, failure to yield right of way, $25, costs.

* * *

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