Madison County Clerk’s Office

Marriage licenses

Robert Reid, 39, to Richelle Benson, 40. Matthew Kracl, 26, to Kerragen Jensen, 24.

Domestic cases filed

Filing for divorce

Junior Denis v. Ashley Denis. Christopher Caban v. Olivia Cruz Carbajal.

Madison County Court

Criminal case judgments

Kelli A. Williams, selling nicotine to a minor, $300, costs.

Alejandro A. Rivera Garcia, no commercial driver’s license, load securement violation, wheels violation, marking violation, no valid registration, carrier registration violation, $400, costs.

Donald J. Skokan, no commercial driver’s license, $100, costs.

Rene E. Graham Cecilio, driving under suspension, failure to appear when on bail, 10 days in jail with credit for 5 days served, costs.

Curtis D. Potmesil, disturbing the peace, $500, 2 days in jail, costs.

Daniel Reyes, third-degree assault, 60 days in jail with credit for 2 days served, 24 months’ probation, costs.

Dustin L. Sjuts, driving under suspension, possession of marijuana, $400, costs.

Kahnicka L. Hoffman, possession of marijuana, $300, costs.

Kaley Hoffman, possession of marijuana, $300, costs.

Jason L. Koehler, false reporting, third-degree domestic assault, second-degree trespassing, failure to comply with citation, 60 days in jail with credit for 30 day served, costs.

Clifford D. Wheatley, theft by receiving stolen property ($0-$500), 30 days in jail with credit for 30 days served, costs.

Zachary G. Cubbage, possession of marijuana, $300, costs.

Oscar Morales, driving under the influence — second offense, possession of marijuana, $500, 45 days in jail with credit for 1 day served, license revoked for 18 months, costs.

Nathan C. Eschliman, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

City ordinance violations

Ayle Nelson, no pet license, no rabies vaccination, animal at large, $55, costs.

Daryl E. Sutter, fishing permit violation, $100, costs.

Felony cases bound over to district court

Andrew J. Allen, terroristic threats.

Speeding violations

Maria G. Samano, $75, costs. Jacqueline G. Torija, $25, costs. Daniel A. Fox, $75, costs. Crissy S. Hedrick, $25, costs. Ruben Sanchez, $25, costs. Mckayla M. Schroeder-Hunt, $25, costs. Caleb J. Erickson, $25, costs. Ethan T. Taylor, $75, costs. Cristal Casanova, $75, costs. Roberto A. Andrade, $25, costs. Torey L. Benson, $27.95, costs. Henry R. Hauser, $25, costs. Jose G. Soria Flores, no valid operator’s license, $200, costs. Rebecca L. Wallin, $25, costs.

Other citations

Derrick M. Larson, following too closely, $50, costs. Dale L. Prochaska, failure to yield right of way, $25, costs. Dainon S. Qualls, overweight on axle, $150, costs. Bernita J. Lunde, stoplight violation, $75, costs. James A. Smith, no motorcycle license, $75, costs. Jason J. Kollmar, brake violation, $50, costs. Jeremiah A. Yehle, inoperable lights, $25, costs. Wendell J. Newcomb, brake violation, $50, costs. Michael T. Baumert, overweight on axle, $150, costs. Carlos Reyes-Gavarrete, carrier violation, $100, costs. Kevin P. Goetsch, overweight on axle, overweight capacity plates, $50, costs.

Gloria R. Antunez, no operator’s license, $75, costs. Dennis R. Ross, overweight on axle, $950, costs. Christopher D. Mueller, no valid operator’s license, $75, costs. Dalbert D. Gowler Jr., negligent driving, $75, costs. Bradley R. Bussey, no valid operator’s license, $75, costs. Logan J. Suckstorf, following too closely, no valid operator’s license, $125, costs. Lindy R. Rath, traffic control signal violation, $78, costs. Montana J. Boyle, following too closely, $50, costs. Joseph D. Vervynck, no valid operator’s license, $75, costs. Emilson E. Ordonez, no valid operator’s license, $75, costs.

* * *

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