Madison County Clerk's Office

Marriage licenses: Jesse Joseph Claytor, 29, to Kayla Alexis Asmus, 26; Chad William Wurdeman, 46, to Chanda Willeta Zohner, 32; Theron Dale Schaecher, 53, to Sunny Dawn Havranek, 42; Justin Lawrence Erichsen, 25, to Shelby Marie Lienemann, 26; Grayson James Frohberg, 30, to Beth Ann Foland, 26.

Madison County District Court

Domestic cases filed

Filing for divorce: Joel Wantoch v. Estelle Wantoch; Patricia Piceno v. Enrique Jiatz.

Civil cases filed

Ally Bank, Omaha, v. Nathan Thun, 211 N. Eighth St., and Annette Thun, Plainview.

Madison County Court

Felony cases bound over to district court

Alexander Forman, 17, no address listed, charged with possession of methamphetamine.

Meghan Rankin, 36, 1805 Parker Circle, Apt. E, charged with tampering with physical evidence.

Lindsay Lueschen, 36, no address listed, charged with possession of methamphetamine, child abuse.

Jesse Zobrist, 39, Norfolk, charged with possession of methamphetamine (28-139 grams) with intent to deliver, habitual criminal.

Kentrell Monroe, 28, 607 W. Cedar Ave., Apt. 33, charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, tampering with physical evidence.

Angel Monroe, 22, 607 Cedar Ave., Apt. 33, charged with theft by deception — third offense.

Criminal case judgments

Robert Opio, 53, 1804 Vicki Lane, No. 24, driving under suspension, $100 fine, costs.

Kenneth McGrath, 58, 1201 Phillip Ave., disturbing the peace, $50 fine, costs.

Wesley Taylor, 47, 1806 Parker Circle, Apt. A, theft of services, $100 fine, costs.

Delvin Judge, 30, Wayne, driving under suspension, $100 fine, costs.

Gage Johnson, 18, Newman Grove, no operator's license, $75 fine, costs.

Christina Gray, 46, 904 Syracuse Ave., Apt. G, shoplifting, $250 fine, costs.

Eric Allen, 41, 601 Verges Ave., No. 5, second-degree criminal trespass, two days in jail with credit for two days served, costs.

Travis Youngblood, 32, Tampa, Florida, disturbing the peace, seven days in jail, costs.

Shayne Songer, 33, La Vista, driving during revocation, $1,000 fine, costs.

Tristin Lee Goodfellow, 23, Meadow Grove, third-degree assault, 30 days in jail with credit for 21 days served, costs.

Wright Chamberlin, 30, 111 S. Pine St., No. 17, possession of marijuana, $300 fine, costs.

Jayde Bomar, 31, 201 W. Monroe Ave., driving under suspension, $100 fine, costs.

Stacy Ingram, 40, 1001 Madison Ave., No. 2, theft by unlawful taking, $250 fine, costs.

Dion Terry, 22, 1304 Impala Drive, No. F, driving under the influence, $500 fine, six months of probation, license revoked for 30 days, costs.

Crystal Wieneke, 42, 1408 Chamberlin Drive, $500 fine, 18 months of probation, 45 days in jail to be served before the end of probation unless waived, license revoked for 60 days, costs.

Jayde Bomar, 31, 201 W. Monroe Ave., driving under the influence — second offense, $500 fine, 10 days in jail with credit for one day served, 18 months of probation, license revoked for 18 months, 90 days of continuous alcohol monitoring (CAM) costs.

Civil case judgments

Crown Asset Management v. Nicole Roberts, no address listed, plaintiff awarded $3878.85, interest, costs.

MSCB v. Tyrone Meyers, 2210 Madison Ave., plaintiff awarded $122.72, interest, fees, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Michael Thress, Madison, plaintiff awarded $345.44, interest, fees, costs.

MSCB v. Kendra Praeuner, Battle Creek, plaintiff awarded $2,000, interest, fees, costs.

Small claims judgments

Ryan Drahota, doing business as Drahota Clean, 902 Westbrook Drive, v. Molly Bradley, 2008 Sheridan Drive, plaintiff awarded $426.93, interest, costs.

Edwin Ferris, doing business as Ed's Electrical Repair, 1407 Hayes Ave., v. Michelle Thompson, 2102 W. Madison Ave., case dismissed with plaintiff to bear costs.

City ordinance violations

Sara Klug, 213 Jefferson Ave., failure to return library materials, costs.

Jalisa Elliott, 1403 W. Park Ave., failure to return library materials, two counts of failure to appear, $14.99 in restitution, $200 fine, costs.

Emely Massallo, 1406 Lakewood Drive, Apt. D1, failure to return library materials, $82.94 in restitution, costs.

Christian McCabe, 304 N. 10th St., No. 3, failure to return library materials, costs.

Thomas Haiar, 2906 Gingerberry Drive, unlawful parking, $25 fine, costs.

Speeding violations

Danielle McIntosh, 611 S. Ninth St., $25 fine, costs; Samuel Kallhoff, Madison, $75 fine, costs; Derek Friedrich, 1505 Ponca Hills Drive, Apt. A, $200 fine, costs; Wayne Jackson, Tilden, $75 fine, costs; Cole Eisenmenger, Omaha, $75 fine, costs; Delbert Seier, Petersburg, $25 fine, costs; Spencer Beller, Lindsay, $25 fine, costs;

Daniel Minnig, O'Neill, $25 fine, costs; Robert Bell, Drums, Pennsylvania, $25 fine, costs; Ashley Graves, Pierce, $75 fine, costs; Reggie Ripple, Papillion, $75 fine, costs; Ashley Fleming, 605 S. Boxelder St., $75 fine, costs; Timothy Levonius, Keller, Texas, $200 fine, costs; Renee Otto-Berglund, Pierce, $75 fine, costs;

Thomas Zimmerman, Fort Collins, Colorado, $25 fine, costs; Kalea Fischer, Norfolk, $25 fine, costs; Viridiana Rocha, 607 N. 13th St., speeding, fail to use seatbelt, $50 fine, costs; Preston Holland, 810 Logan St., $200 fine, costs.

Other citations

Melanie Lynch, 1211 W. Madison Ave., negligent driving, $75 fine, costs; Shawn Robertson, Tilden, violated stop sign, $75 fine, costs; Sean Spangler, Oakdale, driving on shoulder of highway, fail to use seatbelt, $50 fine, costs; Joel Goody, 616 Hastings Ave., no operator's license, $75 fine, costs; Ronald Johnson, 3401 W. Nucor Road, overweight single axle (5% or less), $25 fine, costs;

Edalia Mascorro Guiterrez, 510 Lincoln Ave., expired in-transits, $50 fine, cost; Robert Noe, Prairie City, Iowa, wrong way on a one-way, $25 fine, costs; Angel Monroe, 607 Cedar Ave., No. 33, no operator's license, $75 fine, costs; Adam Ahlman, Meadow Grove, no registration, $25 fine, costs; Felicia Rajaee, 1715 Abbey Road, improper lane change, $25 fine, costs;

Theola Cech, 900 Andy's North Shore Drive, failure to yield, $25 fine, costs; Carrie Rutjens, Tilden, illegal overtaking and passing a school bus, $500 fine, costs; Jacobee Knave, Omaha, unsafe backing, $25 fine, costs; Dylan Brown, 416 Jackson Ave., following too closely, $50 fine, costs; Courtney Magnus, Fullerton, violated stop sign, $75 fine, costs; Avery Alder, 804 W. Madison Ave., negligent driving, $75 fine, costs;

Christian Morries, 908 S. Ninth St., failure to yield, $25 fine, costs; Alonso Santiago, 1315 S. 13th St., overweight capacity plates, overweight single axle (more than 5%), $150 fine, costs; Mercedes Stolcpart, Stuart, violated traffic signal, $75 fine, costs; Renee Born, 1700 Pasewalk Ave., Apt. 615, failure to yield, $25 fine, costs; Felipe Contreras-Zepeda, 727 S. 11th St., no registration, $25 fine, costs.

* * *

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