Madison County Clerk's Office

Marriage licenses: Parker Weber, 25, to Jennifer Poessnecker, 25. Robert Paul Baker, 59, to, Sandra Dee Rath, 57.

Madison County District Court

Criminal case judgments

Darren Wolf, 40, 511 E, Braasch Ave., possession of a controlled substance, 15 months in jail with credit for nine days served, costs.

Danielle Martinez, 27, 208 Broadmoor Drive, theft by shoplifting, seven days in jail, 12 months’ probation, 83 days in jail to be served before the end of probation unless waived, $2,497.09 in restitution, costs.

Lloyd Gilpin, 36, Madison County Jail, strangulation, three years in Nebraska Department of Corrections with credit for 230 days served, 18 months’ postrelease supervision, costs.

David Duncan, 42, Grand Island, possession of methamphetamine, 12 months’ probation, 90 days in jail to be served before the end of probation unless waived with credit for five days served, costs.

Tiffany Brandy, Norfolk Rescue Mission, 23, failure to appear, 60 days in jail with credit for 41 days served, costs.

Britnay Jordan, 20, Clinton, Indiana, attempted Class IV felony, 90 days in jail with credit for 55 days served, costs.

Madison County Court

Felony cases bond over to district court

Garrett Halligan, 19, 1405 Verges Ave., charged with two counts of possession of methamphetamine.

Guadalupe Tarin, 45, Lyman, charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Lacey M. Cox, no address listed, 31, charged with escape.

Todd Roepke, 51, 914 S. 14th St., charged with two counts of delivery of marijuana.

Mark Lafrancis, 40, charged with violation of sex offender registration act.

Criminal case judgments

Matthew Divis, 28, 509 W. Michigan Ave., two counts of shoplifting, $500, costs.

Stevey Hatch, 21, Oakdale, no proof of insurance, $100, costs.

Calvin Jones, 49, Columbus, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Levi Mielke, 24, 810 S. Ninth St., theft, $500, costs.

Royce Leeds, 33, 509 W. Michigan Ave., two counts of shoplifting, $500, costs.

Erica Tunink, 29, 1203 Meadow Drive, driving under the influence (.15 grams or more), two days in jail with credit for one day served, $500, costs.

Jason Bollig, 22, Newman Grove, driving under the influence, $500, probation.

William Nuss, 23, 804 E. Benjamin Ave., No. 113C, willful reckless driving, $500, license revoked for 30 days.

Thomas Laney, 39, 1410 S. Third St., unauthorized use of a financial transaction device, $150, costs.

Adeline Mauldin, 20, 413 W. Michigan Ave., possession of K2/synthetic marijuana (1 ounce or less), $300, costs.

Jamie Ryan, 49, 407 Koenigstein Ave., driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Rachel Lambley, 21, Madison, driving under suspension, $200, license revoked for one year, costs.

Andy Baralt Macias, 24, Columbus, no valid insurance, $75, costs.

Eric Allen, 41, 601 Verges Ave., No. 5, second-degree criminal trespass, seven days in jail, costs.

Joaquin Arias, 23, 1306 W. Park Ave., driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Lacey Cox, 31, 710 W. Norfolk Ave., four counts of theft, 90 days in jail.

Maximilian Martin, 50, no address listed, obstructing a police officer, theft, 60 days in jail with credit for one day served.

Deborah Brandt, 47, 1210 Elm Ave., two counts of theft, disturbing the peace, 122 days in jail with credit for 14 days served.

Isidoro Ferrer-Florez, 42, Madison, third-degree assault, $250, costs.

Javier Garcia, 33, Madison, driving under the influence, 10 days in jail with credit for one day served, $500 fine, license revoked for six months, costs.

Yoandys Sanchez Ruiz, 35, 1216 Wilson Ave., driving under the influence, $500, probation, license revoked for 60 days.

Diblan Cortez-Hernandez, 22, no valid license, $85, costs.

Civil case judgments

Peterson Ag Systems v. Drymax Solutions, Chanhassen, Minnesota, plaintiff awarded $31,578.95, interest, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Yasmani Cruz Castro, Madison, plaintiff awarded $3,902.07, interest, costs.

Credit Management Services v. Erika Hille, 222 N. 34th St., No. C, Jonathan Hille, 2215 W. Madison Ave., plaintiff awarded $15,830, interest, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. McHugh Metal Brokerage, Edmond, Oklahoma, Donald and Tori McHugh, Edmond, Oklahoma, plaintiff awarded $24,979.91, interest, costs.

Small claims

Midwest Bank v. Charles Owens, 214 S. Second St., plaintiff awarded $2,747.01.

Pettitt Plumbing, Heating & AC v. Shari Haase, 501 Meadow Lane, plaintiff awarded $414.77, costs.

City ordinance violations

Stephanie Whipple, 1005 W. Park Ave., no valid registration, $25, costs. Christopher Deering, North Bend, disorderly conduct — fighting, $100, costs. Judy Burnett, 1309 W. Park Ave., abandoned vehicle, $60, costs. Tyler Bassett, 111 N. Ninth St., no proof of ownership, $50, costs. Tiffany Pulido, 2304 N. Eastwood, No. 38, materials returned, costs. Catherine Schmidt, 800 S. 18th St., No. 9, disorderly conduct, $50, costs.

Speeding violations

Giovani Adame, 908 S. 15th St., $150, costs. Jesse Stuckstorf, 416 N. 10th St., $25, costs. Brenda Gonzalez, 3207 12th St., No. 18, $125, costs. Ernesto Soto, Columbus, $25, costs. Vincent Kimani, Pilger, $25, costs. Manuel Hernandez, 610 S. Third St., $75, costs. Gabriel Patras, $75, costs. Handel Chiong, Madison, $75, costs. Dakota Tegeler, Battle Creek, $125, costs. Hector Sorto, 3207 12th St., No. 18, $75, costs.

Other citations

Anthony Fehringer, Pierce, no valid registration, $25, costs. Bonna Cox, Cedar Rapids, improper lane change, $25, costs. Keith Ronde, 3420 W. Nucor Road, following too close, $25, costs. Rodolfo Martinez-Millan, 32075 12th St., No. 51, no operator’s license, $75, costs. Dustin Cloyd, 1001 W. Norfolk Ave., CMV — lights inoperable, $100, costs. Jose Linares-Garcia, 409 W. Phillip Ave., no operator’s license, $75, costs. Jenna Witt, 83917 Eagle Ridge Road, no valid registration, $25, costs. Salvador Uribe, 906 Elm Ave., overweight single axle, $75, costs. Ivan Mironenko, Anoka, Minnesota, stop sign violation, $75, costs. Maria Carreon, 902 S. 13th Place, no operator’s license, $75, costs. Brayden Wolff, 907 W. Benjamin Ave., fictitious plates, $50, costs. Tori Wacker, 303 Trailridge Road, negligent driving, $75, costs. Kimberly McGrew, 1004 Elm Ave., expired in-transits, $50, costs. Isabel Vandelwalle, Albion, driving too fast for conditions, $49, costs. Maria Zavala, 207 N. 10th St., stop sign violation, $75, costs. Walker Heppner, 921 S. Second St., no operator’s license, $75, costs. Nicolas Valdez, 102 W. Sycamore Ave., no operator’s license, $75 fine, costs. Jose Jimenez, 816 S. 11th St., CMV — marking, $50, costs. Kaitlyn Smith, 1004 S. Ninth St., no valid registration, fictitious plates, $75, costs. Arianny Sarmiento Bermudez, 607 W. Park Ave., no operator’s license, $75, costs. Kyla Hurlbert, 2300 Clearfield Drive, no valid registration, $25, costs. Damon Bauer, Hoskins, unsafe backing, learner’s permit violation, $100, costs. Diamond Schulz, 123 Morningside Drive, $75, costs. Jody Elkins, Hoskins, unsafe backing, $25, costs. Adeline Mauldin, 413 W. Michigan Ave., no valid registration, $25, costs. Ronald McKeever, 1306 Hillview Drive, unsafe backing, $25, costs. Victor Jaras, 1405 S. Third St., unlawful parking, $25, costs.

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The following area bankruptcies were filed in U.S. Court, District of Nebraska. Reprinted by permission from the Daily Record of Omaha.

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