Court list NDN

Madison County Clerk’s Office

Marriage Licenses

Dallus Christiansen, 23, to Kelsey Shoemaker, 23. Joshua Beed, 25, to Emily Hangman, 21. Romina D’Amore, 34, to Estefany Torres Lemus, 27. Trayvon Jennings, 28, to Debbra Arcoren, 28. Kyle Peplinski, 30, to Lindsay Peterson, 27.

Madison County District Court

Domestic cases filed

Filing for divorce: Deann Phillips v. Jack Phillips

Madison County Court

Felony cases bound over to district court

John B. Costello, charged with possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

Josie M. Auld, charged with theft.

Teegan A. Kennedy, charged with operating a motor vehicle to avoid arrest, criminal impersonation.

Melissa A. Walter, charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Kelcey S. Schrage, charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Criminal case judgments

Jennifer Neiman, 60 days in jail with credit for 23 days served, costs.

Evan M. Schultz, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Itzel N. Sotelo Aviles, false reporting, $250, costs.

Dacey J. Braunsroth, driving under the influence, $500, 12 months’ probation, license revoked for 60 days, costs.

Angela N. Kortje, second-degree trespassing, $75, costs.

Michael W. Thibodeau, harassment protection order violation, 90 days in jail with credit for 7 days served, costs.

Abe C. Marshall, possession of marijuana, failure to appear, $300, costs.

Ignacio M. Figueroa Jr., driving without ignition interlock device, $750, costs.

Joshua J. Speth, public urination, possession of drug paraphernalia, open alcohol container, $200, costs.

Eli R. McKeown, driving under the influence, $500, 8 months’ probation, license revoked for 60 days, costs.

Cecille A. Laswell, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Riley J. Hamilton, disturbing the peace, 10 days in jail, costs.

Rodrigo R. Herandez, possession of K2, possession of drug paraphernalia, $400, costs.

Teresa A. Sukup, third-degree domestic assault, 45 days in jail, $1,000, 12 months’ probation, costs.

Traevon N. Osafo, failure to appear, no proof of insurance, $200, costs.

Corey D. Word, obstructing a peace officer, disturbing the peace, $750, 4 days in jail with credit for 2 days served, costs.

Jessie M. Celestine, possession of marijuana, $300, costs.

Tyler L. Brandt, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Nicole E. Reagan, shoplifting, $250, costs.

Jason J. Duryea, procuring or selling alcohol to a minor, $1,000, costs.

Janine T. Moore, disturbing the peace, $100, costs.

Donnell T. Jones Sr., criminal mischief, $50, costs.

Luis A. Serrano, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

City ordinance violations

Dylan D. Kesting, illegal discharge of fireworks, $50, costs.

Jaden T. Eddy, illegal discharge of fireworks, $50, costs.

Parker C. Arnold, illegal discharge of fireworks, $50, costs.

William J. Hammock, burning violation, $50, costs.

Rafael Ramirez, pedestrian violation, $10, costs.

Carlos Lopez, failure to file or pay occupation tax, $200, costs.

Civil case judgments

Credit Bureau Services v. Kaylee Robertson, no address listed, plaintiff awarded $721.75, interest, costs, fees.

Midland Credit Management v. Carla Veik, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $1,472.37, costs.

LVNV Funding v. Joshua Schultz, Meadow Grove, plaintiff awarded $1,542.50, costs.

LVNV Funding v. Karina Sanchez, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $790, costs.

LVNV Funding v. Dennis Sanderson, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $637.36, costs.

LVNV Funding v. Stephen Schrader, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $840.02, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Dustin Heinen, Humphrey, $282.60, interest, costs, fees.

Speeding violations

Luke J. Neisius, $125, costs. James B. Wilson, Jr., $25, costs. Mary J. Sutter, $25, costs. Nikki V. Houlden, $25, costs. Soley M. Nelson, $275, costs.

Griffen D. Wieneke, $75, costs. Bret C. Wallin, $75, costs. Vivian Campos Avila, $25, costs. Tina M. McKnight, $125, costs. Joseil Betancourt-Luque, no proof of ownership, no proof of insurance, $225, costs.

Manuel Grave-Ortiz, no valid operator’s license, $200, costs. Rayniel Fonseca, $25, costs. Ashtyn J. Olsen, $25, costs. Yuicel Year Quintero, $75, costs. Chas S. Davis, $25, costs.

Roger L. Irwin Jr., $75, costs. Daniel C. Nielsen, $25, costs. Sandra L. Gessler, $25, costs. Jordan D. Zautke, $75, costs. Kobe A. Indra, $75, costs.

Bryan B. Sliger, $30, costs. Jill M. Roumph, $75, costs. Sean W. Christensen, $125, costs. Michael J. Kueny, $125, costs.

Adam R. Matteo, $125, costs. Pamela A. Waterman, $75, costs. Landon P. Brand, $25, costs. Stephanie A. Herbert, $25, costs.

Other citations

Kody M. Frahm, overweight axle, $25, costs. Marty J. Matteo, overweight axle, $25, costs. Josh E. Harris, exhibition driving, $350, costs. Rosa Domingo Juan, no valid operator’s license, $75, costs. Laurie L. Bolte, passing emergency vehicle, $100, costs.

Angelo J. Ricard, no operator’s license, $100, costs. Leobard Saldana Castaneda, two counts of child restraint violation, $50, costs. Caylie Egger, unsafe backing, $25, costs. Keyton L. Sparks, failure to yield, $25, costs. Madalyn R. Anderson, following too close, $50, costs.

Raymond R. Powley, following too closely, $50, costs. Karen R. Knapp-Halpin, $75, costs. Heather L. Sinkler, child restraint violation, negligent driving, $100, costs. Flor E. Hernandez, no valid operator’s license, $75, costs. Dennis J. Zimmerer, $25, costs. Michael A. Cargile, no valid operator’s license, $75, costs.

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