Madison County Clerk's Office

Marriage Licenses

Seth Wilmes, 26, to Malerie Hixson, 25. Steven Travers Jr., 36, to Tessa Nelson, 39. Bryce Sovereign, 22, to Allison Miller, 23. Shane Stevens, 36, to Shandy Walbert, 27. John Lorenzen, 29, to Jenna Paulson, 26. Levi Stueve, 26, to Jaime Finecy, 24.

Domestic cases filed

Filing for divorce

Shania Nanga v. Kewende Nanga. Rajeanna Regalado v. Gustavo Regalado. Amanda Kittle v. Jacob Kittle.

Madison County District Court

Criminal case judgments

Dustin A. Shepherd, 35, 1700 N. Victory Road, third-degree assault of an officer, 2 years in the Nebraska Department of Corrections, costs.

Arlyn J. Primeaux, 26, 916 Woodhurst Drive, No. 17, attempted possession of methamphetamine, carrying a concealed weapon, 18 months in the Nebraska Department of Corrections with credit for 43 days served, costs.

Madison County Court

Criminal case judgments

Gabriel Gonzales, possession of marijuana, $300, costs.

Gabriel Sanchez-Maldonado, possession of marijuana, $300, costs.

Mariah E. Zessin, disturbing the peace, $200, costs.

Lawrence W. Walz, age misrepresentation to obtain alcohol, $250, costs.

Lukas Boykin, driving under the influence — third offense, $1,000, 30 days in jail with credit for 10 days served, 36 months’ probation, license revoked for 3 years, costs.

Neptali Ramirez, minor in possession, possession of marijuana, $550, costs.

Stephanie D. Perez, driving under suspension, $85, costs.

Skyler A. Rodekohr, third-degree domestic assault, 14 days in jail with credit for 14 days served, costs.

James P. Howe, driving during revocation, $200, license revoked for 1 year, costs.

Adam M. Babl, no operator’s license, $75, costs.

Hayley A. Valadez, possession of marijuana, $300, costs.

Angel D. Rodriguez, possession of marijuana, $300, costs.

Miguel Hernandez Jr., possession of marijuana, $300, costs.

Dale B. Jessen, driving under the influence, $500, 10 days in jail with credit for 1 day served, license revoked for 6 months, costs.

Devin Rommers, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Blake D. Kitto, possession of marijuana, $300, costs.

City ordinance violations

Larry G. Weyhrich, animal neglect, $25, costs.

Civil case judgments

Credit Bureau Services v. Sonia G. Centeno, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $407.50, interest, fees, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Seth Maggio, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $826.50, interest, fees, costs.

LVNV Funding v. Penny Keller, Madison, plaintiff awarded $876.89, costs.

LVNV Funding v. Douglas Hartman, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $882.66, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Brittni K. Pospisil, Battle Creek, plaintiff awarded $620.09, interest, fees, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Desmond Q. Tenors, Wayne, plaintiff awarded $2,970.90, interest, fees, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Michael D. Brozek, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $367.95, interest, fees, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Tanya K. Bowman, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $249.48, fees, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Amanda J. Loewe-Hasebroock, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $189.27, interest, fees, costs.

Capital One Bank v. Eric J. Venable, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $8,085.05, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Curtis D. Hart, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $717.13, interest, fees, costs.

Midland Credit Management v. Sandra O’Reilly, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $619.13, costs.

Speeding violations

Colton W. Teneyck, $75, costs. Alexander Garcell, $125, costs. Eduardo Rodas-Andres, $25, costs. Cassidy Rieken, $25, costs. Spencer M. Mannes, $25, costs. Joshua Laliberte Merrill, $75, costs. Allan J. Olander, $75, costs. Aimee J. Anderson, $25, costs. Madison T. Noonan, $75, costs. Brendee R. Reinke, $25, costs. Noah A. Knievel, $125, costs. Gabriel Magana-Corona Jr., $75, costs. Kevin J. Voecks, $75, costs.

Other citations

Ariel C. Pablo, no operator’s license, $75, costs. Hugo Sanchez, stop sign violation, $75, costs. Tobias P. Jochum, no valid registration, $25, costs. Hector Portillo-Valencia, no operator’s license, $75, costs. Yoel Martinez-Pradera, no valid registration, fictitious plates, $50, costs.

Patricia A. Brudigan, following too closely, $50, costs. Samuel Zazueta-Felix, no valid operator’s license, $75, costs. Nicolas A. Valdez, no valid registration, $25, costs. Brandin J. McAllister, no valid registration, $25, costs. Parker M. Anderson, no headlights, $25, costs.

Edwin J. Bossard, following too closely, $50, costs. Jennifer M. Hines, no proof of ownership, $50, costs. Tabitha H. Naranjo, stop sign violation, $75, costs. Loretta K. Munter, unsafe backing, $25, costs. David A. Maggart, negligent driving, $75, costs.

* * *

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