Court list NDN

Madison County Clerk’s Office

Marriage Licenses

Daniel Widhelm, 24, to Lauren Stevens, 22. Jesse Orlowski, 33, to Adrienne Carnes, 31. Barry Seegebarth, 45, to Janet Portiner, 49.

Madison County District Court

Domestic cases filed

Filing for divorce: Leticia Garcia v. Agustin Garcia-Garcia. Linda Hansen v. Bruce Hansen.

Criminal case judgments

Christina Benson, 32, 311 N. Cottonwood St., first-degree forgery, possession of forgery instruments, possession of methamphetamine, 2 years in the Nebraska Department of Corrections with credit for 12 days served, costs.

Dallas Rhinehart, 51, 916 Syracuse Ave., No. 8, 26 to 30 months in the Nebraska Department of Corrections with credit for 29 days previously served, costs.

Michael Johnson, 33, 1220 W. Park Ave., attempted burglary, theft, two counts of possession of methamphetamine, 24 months’ SASS probation, 90 days in jail with credit for 90 days served, costs.

Madison County Court

Felony cases bound over to district court

DeShawn L. Gleaton Jr., charged with first-degree murder, first-degree assault, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, use of a firearm to commit a felony, tampering with a witness.

Lochlan J. Simonson, charged with strangulation.

Jess M. Brenk, charged with theft by receiving stolen property, criminal impersonation, criminal mischief.

Jesus U. Miranda, charged with possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, possession of a stolen firearm.

Cade Whitemane, charged with conspiracy to commit a class II felony.

Madelines Martinez Venero, charged with operating a motor vehicle to avoid arrest, possession of a controlled substance, shoplifting.

Jason S. Koepke, charged with theft by deception, unauthorized use of a financial transaction device.

Miguel J. Contreras, charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Adam J. Mittelstaedt, charged with possessing or receiving a stolen firearm, child abuse.

David C. Wilhelm, charged with sex offender registration violation.

Criminal case judgments

Judson A. Dupree, attempted Class I misdemeanor, 45 days in jail, costs.

Kalton D. Sessions, attempted Class I misdemeanor, 30 days in jail, costs.

Anna M. Morabito, driving under the influence, 60 days in jail with credit for 1 day served, $500, license revoked for 60 days, costs.

Nathaniel R. Voecks, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, $400, costs.

Estefania Ibarra, possession of marijuana, $300, costs.

Dennis J. Wilson, third-degree domestic assault, 45 days in jail with credit for 26 days served, costs.

Amadu L. Bah, driving under the influence (.15 grams or more), no proof of insurance, leaving the scene of an accident, driving under suspension, resisting arrest, attempted Class II misdemeanor, $750, license revoked for 1 year, 55 days in jail with credit for 63 days served, $500 in restitution, 24 months’ probation, costs.

Christina L. Benson, second-degree forgery, shoplifting, 60 days in jail, $872.82 in restitution, costs.

Briar A. Wright, shoplifting, $250 fine, $669.91 in restitution, costs.

Hunter E. Cherington, child abuse (negligent), 90 days in jail, 24 months’ probation, $1,000 fine, $291.08 in restitution, costs.

Jekel M. Douglas, criminal mischief, disturbing the peace, $750, costs.

Eric J. Jones, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Josie M. Auld, possession of marijuana, criminal mischief, 14 days in jail, $300, costs.

Aric M. Nathan, driving under the influence, 7 days in jail with credit for 1 day served, $500, license revoked for 6 months.

Marcus A. Crespo, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Tahashaye T. Canty-Neely, two counts of driving during revocation, $500, 12 months' probation, costs.

Emma R. Fuhrman, minor in possession, $500, costs.

Drake D. Baller, driving under the influence, $500, 6 months’ probation, license revoked for 60 days, costs.

Zaylor M. Landschwager, second-degree forgery, 30 days in jail with credit for 1 day served, $678.31 in restitution, costs.

Nicolas A. Bledsoe, driving under suspension, $100, costs.

Fawn L. Beerman, possession of marijuana, $300, costs.

Ryan W. Christiansen, driving under the influence, $500, 9 months’ probation, license revoked for 60 days, costs.

Michael S. Glenn, theft of services, $500 fine, $230.58 in restitution, costs.

Civil case judgments

Credit Management Services v. Derrick Holder, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $4,395.46, costs.

DNF Associates v. Nancy Barnes, Newman Grove, plaintiff awarded $741.44, costs, fees.

National Account Systems of Omaha v. Samantha Sargent, Beemer, plaintiff awarded $671.62, interest, costs, fees.

Credit Bureau Services v. Anita Flores Sanchez, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $600, interest, costs, fees.

Credit Bureau Services v. Hector Rodriguez, Madison, plaintiff awarded costs.

Battle Creek Mutual Insurance v. Lane Muhle, Omaha, plaintiff awarded $9,460, costs.

Credit Management Services v. Diane Jenkins, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded costs.

ARL Credit Services v. Jessica Burgos Rodriguez, Madison, plaintiff awarded $3,077.11, interest, costs, fees.

Credit Management Services v. Wendy Van Heufeln, Newman Grove, plaintiff awarded $1,269.53, interest, costs, fees.

Credit Management Services v. Christian Linde, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded $538.41, interest, costs, fees.

Credit Bureau Services v. Ignacio Montell Figueroa, Norfolk, plaintiff awarded, $600, interest, costs, fees.

Small claims judgments

Jerry Uehling, Norfolk, v. Jessica Elznic, Stanton, plaintiff awarded $245, interest, costs.

City ordinance violations

Connor H. Plummer, disturbing the peace (loud noise), failure to appear, $150, costs.

Andres Contreras, storage of unlicensed vehicles, $60, costs.

Jennifer L. Mundahl, no valid registration, no proof of insurance, failure to appear, $225, costs.

Speeding violations

Hector S. Ortiz, $75, costs. Jose Acosta, $75, costs. Thomas N. Buchholtz, stop sign violation, $150, costs. Aaron J. Fisher, $25, costs. Sebastian D. Newcombe, $125, costs.

Sergio Ara Gomez Martinez, $200, costs. Charles J. Holan Jr., $25, costs. Mildred I. Knight, $75, costs. Jocelyn D. Hamilton, $75, costs. Kelly E. Anson, $25, costs.

Steven P. Williams, no operator’s license, $100, costs. Muzimmil A. Zeeshan, $25, costs. Reana A. Sander, $75, costs. Kei’dron T. King, $75, costs. Anthony C. Morgan, no registration, $150, costs.

Jovani F. Jaqueza, $75, costs. Emily A. Pelster, $200, costs. Geovani Mendez Torres, $75, costs. Katty J. Garcia, no operator’s license, $100, costs.

Jay Arenholtz, $75, costs. Courteny A. Gerdes, $25, costs. Amanda F. Colsden, license regulation violation, $100, costs. Christopher T. Nguyen, $75, costs.

Other citations

Rafael Aceves Rodriguez, no operator’s license, $75, costs. Carrie L. Ferry, no operator’s license, $75, costs. Lacey E. Culver, no registration, $25, costs. Leland C. Chamberlin, driving CMV without CDL, $100, costs. Juan T. Parra Garcia, CMV load securement, $100, costs.

Crystal Eberhardt, unlawful parking, $25, costs. Leon Tienda, unlawful parking, $25, costs. Yaneli Y. Perez Esquerra, stop sign violation, $75, costs. Kain A. Jeitz, traffic control signal violation, $75, costs. Aliatou Fagbohoun, no valid license, $75, costs.

Andrew D. Decamp, stop sign violation, $75, costs. Betty A. Andersen, traffic control signal violation, $75, costs. Sandra D. Baker, traffic control signal violation, $75, costs. Goben Carbaja Casiano, no operator’s license, $75, costs.

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