Madison County Clerk's Office

Marriage licenses: Zachary Bryant Pospisil, 23, to Mackenzie Ann Lemmons, 23; Ryan Richard Reigle, 28, to Samantha Jo Ebner, 26; Zachary Dean Krier, 26, to Elisa Rose Penaflor, 25.

Madison County District Court

Domestic cases filed

Filing for divorce: Emma Santillano v. Oscar Santillano-Escobar; Judy Fullen v. Gary Fullen.

Criminal cases dismissed

Michael Fowler, 28, no address listed, possession of methamphetamine, case dismissed.

Criminal case judgments

Anthony Rivera, 28, no address listed, possession of methamphetamine, 245 days in the Nebraska Department of Corrections with credit for 129 days served, 12 months of post-release supervision, costs.

Madison County Court

Felony cases bound over to district court

Dominique Bell, 28, Chicago, Illinois, charged with intentional violation of narcotic drug law.

Theresa Modahl, 47, Norfolk, charged with delivery of methamphetamine.

Cody Granfield, 33, 317 Sherwood Lane, charged with second-degree assault.

Tia Svoboda, 38, Hastings, South Dakota, charged with possession of methamphetamine, failure to appear.

Austin Forsythe, 19, no address listed, charged with shoplifting — third offense.

Criminal case judgments

Madison Morris, 22, 1101 W. Norfolk Ave., No. 102, leaving the scene of an accident, $750 fine, $3,446.96 in restitution, costs.

Calvin Patterson, 20, Grand Island, shoplifting, $350 fine, $94 in restitution, costs.

John Matthies, 33, 109 E. Phillip Ave., second-degree criminal trespass, $250 fine, costs.

Taylor Groves, 23, Omaha, false reporting, 30 days in jail with credit for 10 days served, costs.

Tremain Monroe, 25, 607 Cedar Ave., Apt. 33 obstructing a police officer, five days in jail with credit for five days served, costs.

Sarah Powell, 39, Seminole, Oklahoma, littering, $100 fine, costs.

Darci Aulner, 25, 922 Syracuse Ave., No. 8, failure to appear, 30 days in jail, costs.

Trev Bode, 23, Battle Creek, driving under the influence (.15 grams or more), $500 fine, two days in jail with credit for one day served, nine months of probation, license revoked for one year, costs.

Civil case judgments

General Service Bureau v. Rosie Rodriguez, 221 Jefferson Ave., plaintiff awarded $960.99, interest, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Robert Simonsen, 1210 N. 12th St., plaintiff awarded $248.04, interest, fees, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Christina and Stephen Kivett, Tilden, plaintiff awarded $484.04, interest, fees, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Cecil Hoehne, 1311 S. Second St., plaintiff awarded $111.05, interest, fees, costs.

Professional Choice Recovery v. Cassius Murray, 1202 S. Third St., plaintiff awarded $128.54, interest, fees, costs

Credit Management Services v. Denise Cottrill, 918 Syracuse Ave., Apt. 8, plaintiff awarded $250, interest, fees.

American Family Mutual Insurance v. Ashley King, Hadar, and Tracy King, Stanton, plaintiff awarded $6,347.50, interest, costs.

Credit Management Services v. Joshua Lewandowski, 706 Koenigstein Ave., plaintiff awarded $7,573.20, interest, costs.

American Express National Bank v. Juan Espinoza, 910 S. 15th St., plaintiff awarded $11,883.97, costs.

Portfolio Recovery Associates v. Rosa Perez, no address listed, plaintiff awarded$2,766.90, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Todd and Tina Norris, 112 Gold Strike Drive, Apt. 3, plaintiff awarded $851.64, interest, fees, costs.

Credit Bureau Services v. Kevin Peterson, 901 Syracuse Ave., Apt. 31, plaintiff awarded $696.25, interest, fees, costs.

Small claims judgments

Joyce Ferry, Osmond, v. Jim McCart, doing business as Boulevard Village, 1701 Riverside Blvd., Building 3, Apt. 63, plaintiff awarded $100, interest, costs, counterclaim by defendant disallowed.

City ordinance violations

Leonard Carnes, Meadow Grove, nuisance violation, $100 fine, costs.

Speeding violations

Daniel Jilg, Seward, $25 fine, costs; Kali Rahder, Council Bluffs, Iowa, $10 fine, costs; Dru Wehrs, 210 W. Cedar Ave., $25 fine, costs; Jessica Chiles, Neligh, $25 fine, costs; Michael Adams, 2002 College View Drive, $125 fine, costs; Donna Zerbe, Plainview, $25 fine, costs; Coleen Hill, Stanton, speeding, fail to use seatbelt, $50 fine, costs; Jarod Bromwich, 913 S. Second St., $25 fine, costs; Soley Nelson, Randolph, speeding, no operator's license, fail to use child passenger restraint, fail to use seatbelt, $150 fine, costs; Scott Gesell, Bixby, Oklahoma, $25 fine, costs; Amanda Hoeneman, Omaha, $75 fine, costs; Danny Torrens Mila, Madison, $75 fine, costs; Handel Chiong, Columbus, $25 fine, costs; Saif Khalaf Bas Al Mirza, Lincoln, $125 fine, costs.

Other citations

Lynn Dvorak, Harlingen, Texas, overweight single axle (5 percent or less), $25 fine, costs; Steven Knull, Norfolk, failure to yield, $25 fine, costs; Eva Searight, Stanton, expired in-transits, $50 fine, costs; Grant Arment, 502 E. Klug Ave., following too closely, $50 fine, costs; Donna Brockman, homeless, negligent driving, $75 fine, costs;

Carl Werner, 1001 W. Norfolk Ave., negligent driving, no operator's license, $150 fine, costs; Rael Diaz Estrada Palma, 118 W. Monroe Ave., nonresident violate 30-day immunity, no registration, $50 fine, costs; Pamela Burney, 1013 Village Green Drive, Apt. B, violated stop sign, $75 fine, costs; Eugene Miller III, Albion, no registration, $25 fine, costs.

* * *

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