Diane Becker, "Country Life"

If you’re still wondering what you’ll dress up as or what you’ll dress your children up as this Halloween, you may want to think about a Nebraska themed costume.

It’s happening in other states. In Iowa, people dress up as the famous ”largest truck stop in the world” by recreating the iconic sign and wearing it. Supposedly they dress up as a famous sculpture in Des Moines of an angel on a tricycle. I guess you have to be an Iowan to appreciate it.

But that’s the whole idea. Really good Halloween costumes are like inside jokes. Hopefully people will “get” the costume when they see it rather than puzzle over it the entire night.

Only Nebraskans would really appreciate Nebraska-themed Halloween costumes. There are some hopefully recognizable Nebraska Halloween costumes to be worn.

For instance, why not dress up as Buffalo Bill Cody? All you need would be a wig of long white curly hair, a long white beard and curly moustache, a cowboy hat and some fancy cowboy duds and you’re set. Some silver pistols would be a nice touch.

Or you could dress up like the famous “Carhenge” sculpture in Alliance. Make a car shape out of a cardboard box, spray paint it a nice beige and poke a hole in one end to wear it like a dress. If you added some wheels and painted them beige, too, everyone would know you’re Carhenge.

Another iconic Nebraska costume would be to dress up as a Runza. There’s certainly bun costumes already out there, so adjust the buns and the filling a little and you’ve got an all-Nebraskan Runza costume.

Dressing up as the Kool-Aid Man would be as easy as borrowing a costume from someone in Hastings where Kool-Aid Days are celebrated every year. I see those Kool-Aid men all over the place.

Warren Buffet – a Nebraska icon- would also make a great Nebraska themed costume just as long as you wear a white wig, some black rimmed glasses and a suit and have stock options hanging out of a briefcase.

If you really want to dress Nebraska themed, you could make yourself look like a giant bottle of Dorothy Lynch. I wonder if they sell those costumes right now in a costume store.

You could also dress up as one of many Nebraska celebrities – Larry, the Cable Guy, Fred Astaire, Gerald Ford, Astronaut Clayton Anderson, or, best of all, Norfolk’s own Johnny Carson.

I like the idea of Nebraska-themed costumes, although I don’t think my Willa Cather costume would win any Halloween costume party contests.

Maybe my Chimney Rock costume would.


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