The fundamental tenet of the Black Lives Matter movement, which stands for racial justice and equality, is honorable, just and desperately necessary. And yet, the political controversy associated with the Black Lives Matter movement and counter-protest movements prevents unified racial progress.

Unfortunately, the relatively straightforward agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement has been muddled by contentious, divisive politics. Those who possess a superficial understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement — who engage in artificial social media activism or remain willingly uninformed along with those who undermine or exploit the movement and who employ confrontational, violent protest methods or prioritize self-interest — only worsen the political morass. If the confusion and contention persist, Black Lives Matter will be remembered only as a hollow phrase of a failed movement.

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ALLEN — A fumble recovery for a touchdown put Kenesaw up 26-8 in the first quarter and spelled doom on this Halloween weekend for the Allen Eagles as they dropped a final 16 game to Kenesaw, 64-20 here Friday afternoon in the Class D2 playoffs.The Eagles came into the contest undefeated, but…

Mike Flood of Norfolk, the lone candidate seeking to represent the 19th District in the Nebraska Legislature, plans to spend the next four years improving Norfolk’s economy and finding ways to keep young people from Madison and Stanton counties in the area long term.