NDN bankruptcy

The following area bankruptcies were filed in U.S. Court, District of Nebraska. Reprinted by permission from the Daily Record of Omaha.

— Alan R. Koebel; Theresa G. Koebel, West Point (Chapter 7).

— Billi Jo Lea Fling, Ainsworth (Chapter 7).

— Stephen P. McAuley, Clarkson (Chapter 7).

— Stacey Marie O’Hanion, Scribner (Chapter 13).

In other news

Rats can drive cars. Not your car or my car. (Their legs really wouldn’t reach the pedals, after all.) Rather, researchers have created tiny cars just for their lab rats and certain experiments and have taught the little critters how to drive.

There was plenty of action on the track during the Don Weyrich Classic on Wednesday night at Off Road Speedway in an event held to honor Norfolk’s longtime driver and member of the Nebraska Auto Racing Hall of Fame.