Local archers

Norfolk archers Bryce Lurz (front row, from left), Bailey Lurz, Jenny Thies, (back row, from left),  Alexis Frye and Brayden Lurz pose with their medals.

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The Easton World Archery Center in Yankton hosted the sixth annual NFAA Outdoor National Target Championships, Sept. 7-8. Archers from all over the country attended, including both professional and regular NFAA members.

It was a two-day outdoor shoot featuring an NFAA 900 round on day 1 and an NFAA Classic 600 round on day 2 with a cash payout for professional archers.

On Saturday, the three cub Norfolk Archery Club archers — under 12 years of age — started with shooting 30 arrows at 30 yards, then 30 arrows at 20 yards and 30 arrows at 10 yards.

It was humid and rainy, but the shooters made adjustments to try to compensate and at the end of a very long day had two in first place and one in second place. A youth Norfolk Archery Club archer did the same but shot at 50, 40 and 30 yards. The adults shot at distances of 60, 50 and 40 yards.

Sunday was also rainy and windy, but the shooting started with 20 arrows at 10 yards and moved out to 20 and 30 yards. Youth distances were at 30, 40 and 50 yards. Adults started at 40, then 50 and finished at 60 yards.

Luckily, the day was a bit shorter with shooting being done around 2 p.m. Equipment and weather was a factor along with the whirlwind of activity at such a large event. However, everyone there was excited and surprised at how well a local group of archers held up at a national contest.

“I am very happy with how everyone finished with the weather and the long days. It’s a great opportunity for them to get to compete at this level, and we went home with two national 2nd place medals and two national championship cups,” said Coach Eric Frye

The results of the shoot are as follows:

Jenny Thies, Winside — 2nd in adult female freestyle limited; Alexis Frye, Wayne —10th in female youth freestyle; Brayden Lurz, Hoskins — 2nd in male cub recurve; Bryce Lurz, Hoskins — national champion in male cub bare bow; and Bailey Lurz, Hoskins — national champion in female cub bare bow.

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