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Late summer can provide plenty of action for white bass, wipers

White Bass

An angler searches for white bass on an August evening before the sun sets on Calamus Reservoir in Loup County.

By staying versatile and fishing for a variety of species, an angler can almost always find something biting somewhere in the state — even in late summer.

Fishing gets tougher during the summer, but not because the fish do not like the heat or quit feeding. With the peak water temperatures, fish actually feed more during the summer than any other time of year.

Fishing gets tough because natural prey is at its peak abundance. Fish almost literally have to do nothing but open their mouths to be full, and so remain difficult to catch, until the next short feeding window.

One great fishing opportunity that comes around every summer is to chase white bass, and perhaps the much larger hybrid striped bass — or wipers — on large Nebraska reservoirs.

Late summer actually provides some of the most exciting opportunities to catch white bass and wipers as those open-water predators chase baitfish toward the surface.

Feeding frenzies erupt as schools of white bass and wipers slash into baitfish on the surface. Besides the boils on the surface, and baitfish jumping out of the water, also look for frenzied gull activity above the surface. The birds will lead the way to hot action.

Anglers will want to ease into casting range without running over the fish and spooking them down. A variety of artificial baits that are the same size and silvery or white colors of the baitfish will work; all a person has to do is get them near feeding fish.

Spoons, spinners, jigs, and crankbaits will all catch fish; use something you can cast far. For even more excitement, throw a top-water bait. When the surface activity slows, try fishing deeper in the same area to pick up a few stragglers.

The best waters in Nebraska for summer white bass and wipers tend to be large reservoirs where those open-water predators thrive. Davis Creek, Calamus, Sutherland, Swanson and Sherman are some of the best reservoirs for white bass this year. Check the annual Nebraska Fishing Forecast for other picks at

The best thing about the summer white bass and wiper feeding frenzies is they are most likely to occur during prime times — early and late in the day when it is cooler and more comfortable.

In other news

LINCOLN — Deer are more active this time of the fall. Crops are being harvested and deer breeding season is in full swing. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has suggestions to help drivers avoid deer-vehicle accidents and lessen the risk of injury or vehicle damage.

 LINCOLN — The recently released 2020-2021 Stubble Access Guide highlights more than 40,000 additional acres of wheat and milo stubble and adjacent upland habitat land open for public access hunting in western Nebraska.

Those of us living in the upper Midwest are located in the Central Flyway, where waterfowl from the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories migrate south through North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, portions of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahom…

Jami (left) and Bailey Legate are shown with the paddlefish they snagged recently below Gavins Point Dam. Jami's fish measured 34.5 inches and Bailey’s was 45.5 inches long and 35 pounds.

LINCOLN — The public is invited to review and comment on the 2021-2025 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan: Guiding Success in Nebraska Outdoor Recreation until Nov. 6, 2020. This Plan is required by the National Park Service to be updated every five years to maintain eligibility…

LINCOLN — Rainbow trout are being stocked in city ponds and state park and recreation area lakes across the state by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. These stockings will enhance fishing opportunities this fall and winter.

October outdoor calendar

LINCOLN, Neb. – The following are highlights of Nebraska Game and Parks Commission events and important dates in October. Get a more complete listing at

Oct. 1 – The Science of Wildlife Diseases, online webinar

Oct. 1-31 – Paddlefish snagging season in specific area of Missouri River

Oct. 3 – Dark goose hunting season opens in North Central unit

Oct. 3 – Light goose hunting regular season opens statewide

Oct. 3 – White-fronted goose hunting season opens statewide

Oct. 3 – Duck and coot hunting seasons open in Zones 2 and 4

Oct. 3-4 – Youth waterfowl hunting season opens in Zone 1

Oct. 3-4 – Living history, Fort Atkinson State Historical Park, Fort Calhoun

Oct. 4 – Muzzleloader antelope hunting season closes

Oct. 8 – The Science of Fungi, online webinar

Oct. 10 – Duck and coot hunting seasons open in Zone 1

Oct. 10-25 – Firearm antelope hunting season

Oct. 9, 16, 23 – 25th Annual Haunted Hollow – Movie Night, Indian Cave State Park (SP), Shubert

Oct. 10 – 25th Annual Haunted Hollow – Haunted Drive Thru, Indian Cave SP, Shubert

Oct. 10, 17 – Hallowfest, Ponca SP, Ponca

Oct. 10, 17, 24 – 25th Annual Haunted Hollow – Campsite Decorating Contest, Indian Cave SP, Shubert

Oct. 15 – Nebraska Game and Parks Board of Commissioners meeting, Ogallala

Oct. 17 – 33rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Festival, Calamus State Recreation Area (SRA), Burwell

Oct. 17-18 – Youth waterfowl hunting season in Zone 3

Oct. 22 – The Science of Snakes, online webinar

Oct. 23-25 – Camp & Treat, Red Willow SRA, McCook

Oct. 24 – Duck and coot hunting seasons open in Zone 3

Oct. 24-25 – Youth pheasant, quail and partridge hunting seasons statewide

Oct. 26 – Dark goose hunting season opens in East, Platte River, Panhandle and Niobrara units

Oct. 29 – The Science of Nebraska Fish, online webinar

Oct. 30 – Dove (all species) hunting season closes

Oct. 31 – Early antlerless elk hunting season closes

Oct. 31 – Pheasant, quail and partridge hunting seasons open statewide

Oct. 31 – Archery and firearm bull elk hunting seasons close

Amid the COVID-19 health crisis, Game and Parks continues to work on opening and allowing additional activities and events that can be conducted safely with the protection of our customers and staff.

Keep up to date on all cancellations, postponements and closures for Game and Parks at Visit for updates on Game and Parks’ events.