Fish salvaged from Harlan County Reservoir

LINCOLN — Game fish that remained after the Harlan County Reservoir stilling basin was drained were salvaged by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and returned to the lake for anglers to catch.

In preparation for an inspection of the dam, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers drained the basin ahead of the Commission’s salvage effort on Oct. 9-10.

“It was successful,” said Brad Newcomb, the Commission’s southwest fisheries supervisor. “We put nearly 1,300 game fish back into the lake. There was a reasonably good chance those fish would have died if we hadn’t done it.”

Channel catfish comprised 743 of the 1,262 game fish salvaged. There also were 145 wipers, 103 largemouth bass, 73 walleye, 63 flathead catfish, 63 bluegill, 62 crappie, and 10 white bass salvaged. Newcomb said many wipers were in the 15-pound range and some flatheads were around 40 pounds.

Nearly 16,000 pounds of rough fish, including common carp, buffalo, gizzard shad, gar and carpsuckers, also were removed from the basin.

Cranes lowered boats into the basin, where the water depth ranged from 4 to 8 feet over the two days. Electrofishing equipment was used to temporarily stun fish. Shocked fish rose to the surface, where they were netted and transferred to tubs on the boats. Crane buckets then transferred the game fish to hatchery trucks, which were used to release them back into the lake at Hunter Cove. The operation included nearly 20 commission staff from several divisions working 18 hours over two days and nearly an equal number of Corps staff.

The Commission last salvaged game fish at Harlan when the Corps inspected the dam in 2000.

A stilling basin is a structure below a dam that slows the water released from the dam before it enters a river.

In other news

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Drew Schaefer smiles next to his 2019 rifle season buck, nicknamed “Big 8.” It was harvested on Nov. 16 northwest of Albion. Schaefer rattled him in using old antlers and took the shot with his late grandfather’s deer rifle.

The Norfolk Archery Club held a Vegas 450 tournament at its indoor range in Norfolk on Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 7 and 8. A small crowd of competitors shot in tournament. Winners are as follows, in order of first, second and third place:

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LINCOLN, Neb. – The following is a listing of Nebraska Game and Parks Commission events and important dates in November. Get more event details at Visit for a list of hunter education classes and boating safety classes.

I will fish open water as late into the fall as possible.  Pretty sure I ain’t done yet.  But, with the relatively cold fall we have had, I cannot help but wonder, how long until we have ice?  How long until I can icefish?

December calendar of events

LINCOLN, Neb. – The following is a listing of Nebraska Game and Parks Commission events and important dates in November. Get more event details at Visit for a list of hunter education classes and boating safety classes.

Dec. 1 – Bobcat hunting and trapping season opens

Dec. 1-31 – Muzzleloader deer hunting season

Dec. 1-Jan. 15, 2020 – Antlerless elk hunting season

Dec. 8 – White-fronted goose hunting season, first segment closes

Dec. 9-31 – Light Up the Fort, Fort Robinson SP, Crawford

Dec. 13-14, 20-21 – Christmas at the Codys’, Buffalo Bill Ranch SHP, North Platte

Dec. 14 – Nature’s Gifts: Decorations from the Great Outdoors, Wildcat Hills SRA, Gering

Dec. 14, 21 – Christmas in the Woods, Ponca SP, Ponca

Dec. 14 – Classic Christmas, Eugene T. Mahoney SP, Ashland

Dec. 14-22 – Boyer Chute NWR antlerless deer hunting

Dec. 15 – Crow hunting season, first segment ends

Dec. 16 – Snipe hunting season closes

Dec. 17 – Duck and coot hunting season closes in zones 2 and 4

Dec. 18 – Christmas Bird Count, Ponca SP, Ponca

Dec. 21 – Yule Log Festival, Platte River SP, Louisville

Dec. 22 – Bighorn sheep hunting season closes

Dec. 24 – Duck and coot hunting season closes in Zone 1

Dec. 25 – Light goose hunting season, first segment closes

Dec. 28 – 8th Annual Winterfest, Ponca SP, Ponca

Dec. 31 – Archery antelope hunting season closes

Dec. 31 – Archery deer and Whitetail Statewide Buck hunting seasons close

Dec. 31 – Underwater spearfishing season closes

Dec. 31 – Archery fishing for game fish closes

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