Archery club releases tournament results

The Norfolk Archery Club held its eighth annual scholarship tournament on Feb. 8 and 9.

There were 126 competitors from Nebraska and South Dakota that competed in the tournament at the Madison County Fairgrounds. This number was down from last year’s 175 shooters.

The tournament is held each year to raise money for a scholarship fund.

The club selects three recipients of these scholarships each year.

The overall men’s and women’s winners in the tournament were Glen Duerfeldt of Syracuse with a 440 and 23 X’s, and Melissa Weber of Columbus with a 345 and 6 X’s, respectively.

The overall male and female youth, which includes cub and youth classes, were Carter Anson of Winside with a 364 and 12 X’s and Jaidreona Hogancamp of Tilden with a 228 and 0 X’s, respectively.

Those placing in the tournament are as follows, in order of first, second and third place:

Female bowhunter freestyle: Melissa Weber of Columbus, Sara Umstead of Palmer, Robin Garretson of Columbus

Female freestyle: Jenny Menke of Pierce, Kim Cornett of Wisner, Kaylee Hostler of Lincoln

Female traditional: Cassie Juresek of Wayne

Male bowhunter freestyle: Dustin Miller of Rising City, Steven Cornett of Wisner, Hunter Dillon of Louisville

Male freestyle: Glen Duerfeldt of Syracuse, Jeremiah Miller of Rising City, Kyle Arnold of Adams

Male traditional: Gary Dillon of Louisville

Female cub barebow: Aiyana Krebs of Clearwater, Bailey Lurz of Hoskins, Hailey Grenier of Wisner

Female cub bowhunter freestyle: Ayla Wieneke of Norfolk

Male cub barebow: Bryce Lurz of Hoskins

Male cub bowhunter freestyle: Brody Schrage of Yankton, Trapper Wilcox of Tilden, Brandon Thomsen of Pierce

Male cub freestyle limited recurve: Brayden Lurz of Hoskins

Master senior male bowhunter freestyle: Dave Rippke of Genoa

Master senior male traditional: Ron Lindquist of Osceola, Don Konrad of Columbus

Senior male freestyle limited: Brian Lorenz of Osmond

Senior male bowhunter freestyle: John Weiss of Beatrice, Kevin Polt of Pierce, Bob Rau of Lincoln

Senior male freestyle: Randy Meyer of Malcolm, Keith Hofer of Yankton, Darrell Free of Norfolk

Senior male traditional: Bill Osborn of Tilden

Silver senior male bowhunter freestyle: Chuck Micek of Pierce, Mike Chikos of Norfolk, Kevin Kenny of Norfolk

Silver senior male freestyle: Dave Standley of Lincoln, Paul Loberg of Randolph, Robin Ward of Lincoln

Silver senior male traditional: Lon Alvis of Columbus, Mike Cerny of Columbus

Young adult female barebow: Allison Perrigan of Norfolk

Young adult female bowhunter freestyle: Jenna Umstead of Palmer, Sarah Perrigan of Norfolk, Kelly Pfeifer of Madison

Young adult male bowhunter freestyle: Ashton Koch of Pierce, Gabe Dahlkoetter of Norfolk, Dylan Kesting of Hoskins

Young adult male freestyle: Griffen Wieneke of Norfolk, Dylan Garretson of Columbus

Youth female barebow: Raina Krebs of Clearwater

Youth female bowhunter freestyle: Jaidreona Hogancamp of Tilden, Taydym Koch of Pierce, Paige Carley of Norfolk

Youth male bowhunter freestyle: Carter Anson of Winside, Greg Perrigan of Norfolk, Cooper Wachholtz  of Pierce

Youth male freestyle: Cooper Wachholtz of Pierce

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