LINCOLN — Big game hunters may begin applying for 2021 elk, antelope and deer draw permits June 14.

Elk applicants may apply for one elk permit or buy one elk bonus point. Deer and antelope applicants may apply for one deer or antelope permit or buy one deer or antelope preference point. A point may be purchased by an applicant in lieu of participating in the draw.

Applications will be charged a nonrefundable fee; bonus and preference point purchases also will be charged a nonrefundable fee.

The application period begins at 1 p.m. on June 14. Paper applications must be received by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission by 5 p.m. — or by 11:59 p.m. for online applications — on June 25.

Drawing results will be available by July 2. Successful applicants will have until July 16 to complete the purchase of their awarded permits. Awarded but unpaid permits will result in applicants losing preference or bonus points and forfeiting permit. Any forfeited permit will be made available to the next unsuccessful applicant at this time. Any remaining permits will be available during appropriate buy period for the species: deer, Aug. 2; antelope, Aug. 3; elk, Aug. 4.

Applicants who supply valid email addresses will be notified when the draw is complete. Applicants not providing valid email addresses will be responsible for monitoring their status online at

Applications may be made at, via application form, or in person at a Game and Parks permitting office. Details regarding drawings and permits may be found in the 2021 Big Game Guide, which is available at Drawing statistics from previous years may be found at

Draw units are established to provide equal opportunity to obtain permits in those units. They are determined by the overall demand on a unit’s permits. Residents get preference over nonresidents when these permits are drawn.

In other news

LINCOLN — A master plan is being developed for the Fort Kearny State Recreation Area and State Historical Park; and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is seeking public input.

My neighbors told me the other day that they were heading out on a Friday night to camp at a popular state recreation area in order to “get away from it all” on a nice weekend.

I just spent the morning fishing on a farm pond belonging to a friend of mine, and it’s one of those fairly clear ponds that weeds up quickly.