Picture yourself harnessed in a tree stand for deer hunting. You are losing light. It’s nearing sunset. The prime time for deer movement. Suddenly, you hear a squirrel bark and chatter. Then even closer to you, from the same direction, you hear curiosity putts from some wild turkeys.

“Ask yourself what kind of world you want to live in and leave for your kids,” said director Jim Douglas, a statement that says so much about what he has accomplished during his 47 years in conservation.

LINCOLN — Hunters taking to the field for the November firearm deer season will have bagging a deer on their minds. Safety should be uppermost on their minds.

LINCOLN  — A multiyear poaching case — the largest in Nebraska — wrapped up in 2020. More than 32 people were prosecuted for their involvement in the illegal take of the state’s wildlife.

LINCOLN — Nebraska wildlife officials are welcoming colder temperatures for at least one reason. A hard freeze kills the insects responsible for spreading two deadly viral diseases among big game populations during dry years.