WSC campus

Wayne State College reported 18 new COVID-19 cases since its last update on Sept. 8, bringing the total number of cases within the college since the semester began to 31.

Out of the 31 cases, 17 of them are still active, according to the college’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Last week, Wayne State had a total of two active and 13 cases overall since Aug. 14.

An error in the college’s tracking system omitted an active case from last week’s total. The college updated the dashboard on Sept. 10.

According to an email sent to students on Sept. 10, some of the increase is due to a delay from TestNebraska in communicating test results. On average, it takes 3.93 days for the college to get results from TestNebraska. But some of the most recent tests have been coming back six days later and those cases should’ve been included in last week’s count.

The email assures students the college’s quarantine and isolation procedures were in place with the potential positive individuals and their close contacts. They were either quaranting at Wayne State’s designated dorms or at their own residences once they contacted the student health office.

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