A Norfolk woman has been arrested after allegedly stealing money from two foreign exchange students living with her.

Fayette Klug, 34, of 209 Boxelder St., was arrested late Friday morning and booked at the Madison County Jail on suspicion of theft by deception, a Class III felony.

The two victims - one foreign exchange student from China and the other from Norway, both of whom were attending Battle Creek High School - told law enforcement that Klug took cash from them and used their credit cards.

The amount taken between both girls totaled more than $10,000, according to a probable cause affidavit written by Investigator Mike Bowersox of the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

The girls also told Bowersox that they were locked in the basement apartment area that they shared. At the time, Klug told them it was an accident - that the door was broken.

Both students were removed from the Klug residence earlier this week.

Why Klug was even hosting foreign exchange students has become a point of investigation because she is a convicted felon.

Bowersox said that the foreign exchange placement service ran a standard criminal history check and the database turned up no convictions on Klug.

"Someone dropped the ball. It just didn't get in there somehow," Bowersox said.

Madison County Attorney Joe Smith said neither his office - nor law enforcement - received an official complaint about the theft.

"This is a case that makes everybody angry and law enforcement was the last to know about it," Smith said. "It's not a case that we sat on; it's a case that was never reported."

Smith first was contacted by a concerned citizen Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, he contacted the school and the foreign exchange placement service. The company made full restitution to the girls on Thursday and have been extremely cooperative in the investigation, Bowersox and Smith said.

The investigation into Klug is ongoing, Bowersox said, as there may be additional foreign exchange students who may have been victimized by Klug.

Klug is currently being held in the Madison County Jail on $150,000 or 10 percent bond.

"In interviewing those girls over in Battle Creek, I apologized," Bowersox said. "I said, 'This is not how people from Nebraska or Americans act; 99.9 percent of Americans are decent; you got stuck with a bad one.' "

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