First day of school 2019

RILEY BENDER shows her ID to Trish Bowers as she enters Norfolk High School on Thursday morning. 

Norfolk High School’s first day was a little different this year after the implementation of six rules designed to enhance the facility’s safety.

These rules included requiring students to store their backpacks in lockers throughout the day and showing a physical copy of their school ID at the entrance. There were also two security techs added at the front and back main entrances.

While there were many questions and some opposition to the changes after they were announced, principal Derek Ippensen said things were going smoothly on Thursday morning.

“Everything seems to be fine,” he said. “We got through the first passing period and everyone got to class on time.”

Other changes include the addition of an on-site licensed mental health practitioner and more security equipment.

In other news

The Norfolk Police Division has received several complaints about a scam phone call that they received on Sept. 29 and 30.

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