Wisner resident David Metschke was granted a free pair of hearing aids from Beltone Audiology and Hearing Centers on Tuesday after sending a heartfelt letter to the company’s president, Dean Kent.

On March 14, Metschke was told by the Wisner Police to evacuate his home for the evening because of rising floodwaters due to the overflowing Elkhorn River. Before doing so, Metschke, a farmer, moved much of his equipment on to higher ground to avoid water damage.

When jumping down from his tractor into the water, Metschke lost the aids and they were permanently damaged by water.

Metschke is unable to understand conversation on the telephone without the aids and cannot hear correctly what people are saying to him. He finds it most difficult to hear children.

Because he could not afford a new pair of hearing aids, Metschke reached out to Kent for assistance in replacing the hearing aids and was approved almost instantly. He traveled to Fremont on Tuesday to receive them.

“We are completely ecstatic to be able to help David Metschke, who is a person in such need,” Kent said. “We’ve changed his life for the better, and that’s what the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation is all about.”

The charitable organization donates hearing aids to those who are in need and are unable to access them.

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