Wayne State and Norfolk Daily News

WAYNE — Wayne State College is broadening its news source horizons.

As of Monday, students and faculty will see more than copies of the Wayne Stater in buildings around campus. Editions of the Norfolk Daily News also will be made available to students.

“The Daily News approached Wayne State with an offer to provide the newspaper at a discounted price to the college so that they could be made available to students at no cost," said Jeff Carstens, dean of students. "Because the Norfolk Daily News uses articles written by Wayne State students, it was determined there may be significant student interest in reading the paper."

Since last fall, the Daily News has devoted a section of its website to campus activity at Wayne State and community news. In addition, the Daily News regularly publishes Wayne Stater stories in its print editions.

The collaboration during the rest of the spring semester is on a trial basis.

"As a trial project, a limited number of papers will be available in residence halls and the student center at no cost through the end of the spring semester. Depending upon student interest and available college funding, the trial project may be continued for 2016-2017," Carstens said.

Kent Warneke, editor of the Daily News, is excited about this trial venture.

"Studies have shown that college students have a high degree of interest in being informed, but we have to make it easy for them," he said. "College students are very busy, and sometimes money is tight, so if we can be of help in terms of providing easy and affordable news access to students to make them aware of the world around them, then that's something we're excited to do.”

Warneke said the Wayne State project is similar to what has taken place at Northeast Community College in Norfolk for about the past two years.

“We think it's important to try and make people of all ages ... aware of their community around them. We very much appreciate Wayne State working with us on this. Hopefully, it's a win-win-win for everybody involved," Warneke said.

Student support and excitement for this new newspaper is high.

Freshman Holli Gist said she’s looking forward to reading the Daily News in addition to the Wayne Stater.

"I can't wait to have a chance to read it. Since I came to college, I've felt kind of limited as far as access to news," she said. "I'll hear it on the radio or see it on a TV in the student center now and then, but it'll be nice to have these newspapers readily available in every dorm."

Students can now pick up a copy of the Daily News in their residence hall or the student center at the same location as the Wayne Stater as of Monday. The Daily News publishes Monday through Saturday each week, so there will be new newspapers available six days a week.

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