Arrest action NDN

A shoplifting call led to a drug arrest on Monday in Norfolk.

At about 10:30 a.m., officers with the Norfolk Police Division were called to Walmart because of two adult male shoplifters, Capt. Michael Bauer said in a press release.

After locating the two males, officers identified them as Hector D. Medina, 30, of Norfolk and Pete Lundahl, 27, of Wayne.

Bauer said loss prevention personnel at the store had witnessed the two removing security devices and placing several items in a black backpack. Both were interviewed about the incident, and officers recovered the backpack with items inside, he said.

Bauer said the suspects had discarded it after they saw the officers. Lundahl was cited in connection with shoplifting.

During the officer’s contact with Medina, he was searched. During the search, officers recovered a small Ziploc-style bag containing a white powdery substance that the officer recognized as methamphetamine, Bauer said.

When Medina was informed that he was under arrest, he turned away from the officer and attempted to run from the officers, but the officers caught him and, after a brief struggle, he was handcuffed, Bauer said.

The white powdery substance tested positive for methamphetamine, Bauer said. Medina was arrested in relation to possession of methamphetamine, obstructing a peace officer and resisting arrest — first offense, Bauer said. He was housed in the Norfolk City Jail and later transferred to the Madison County Jail.

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