Denise Kurpgeweit

ANTELOPE COUNTY Deputy Clerk Denise Kurpgeweit announces recall election results on Tuesday evening at the Antelope County Courthouse in Neligh. Commissioners Tom Borer and Allan Bentley were voted out of office in the mail-in election.

NELIGH — Two Antelope County Commissioners elected in the November 2018 general election are out of a job, following a successful recall effort.

Unofficial results show that Allan Bentley from District 3 and Tom Borer from District 5 were voted out of office following a mail-in election.

Ballots were counted early Tuesday evening at the Antelope County Courthouse in Neligh.

In Bentley’s district, 307 votes in favor of the recall were cast, while 174 votes were against the recall.

Borer received 187 votes to retain his seat, while 337 votes favored recall efforts.

Antelope County Clerk Lisa Payne said the canvassing board was scheduled to meet Wednesday to verify results.

Efforts to oust Bentley and Borer began July 8 when two county residents, Jack Allemang of Clearwater and Bethany Miller of Elgin, filed affidavits for recall.

Both affidavits cited mismanagement of county funds, misappropriation of taxpayer dollars and mistreatment of elected officials, in addition to spending money on an outside attorney after a state patrol investigation.

Borer and Bentley both denied the allegations in statements filed July 31 and Aug. 1, respectively.

Petition circulators collected enough signatures and submitted notarized forms to Payne’s office Aug. 13.

Antelope County Attorney Joe Abler said once vote counts are verified, Bentley and Borer will receive notification of the election outcome.

The selection for replacements will not start until after results are finalized.

At that time, the positions will be advertised.

Candidates selected for an interview will meet with the selection committee of Abler, Payne and Antelope County Treasurer Deb Branstiter.

Interviews will be conducted in public session.

Payne said the committee has 45 days to complete the process and she “will verify that timeline with the secretary of state.”

Once election results are verified Wednesday, that allows the committee until Nov. 30 to appoint replacements.

Without Bentley and Borer at the table, only three commissioners — Dean Smith, Eli Jacob and Charlie Henery — will conduct county business at the Nov. 5 and Nov. 12 meetings.

“We’ll have a quorum,” Payne said.

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