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MADISON — It’s not just the presidential election and two U.S. Senate races in Georgia that have yet to be officially decided.

Two races for seats on natural resources boards that involve multiple counties — including Madison County — could be subject to a recount.

Anne Pruss, Madison County election commissioner, said she received a call Tuesday informing her that the Nebraska State Canvassing Board would meet Monday in Lincoln to review the elections in all 93 counties.

Pruss, who also serves as county clerk, said she learned one of the races that could be recounted is the Lower Elkhorn NRD Subdistrict 1 race between Aaron J. Zimmerman and Jay Reikofski. That race involves six counties.

The other race is the Lower Platte North NRD Subdistrict 5 race between John R. Hannah and David W. Lawrence. That race involves seven counties.

While neither of those races were particularly close in Madison County, they were within 1% when all the counties are totaled, so the state canvassing board could order a recount.

Pruss said if Madison County does have to do a recount, it will get its board of canvassers together. Then the members would witness as the ballots from those precincts that are involved would get rescanned through the machine. They then would record the totals.

Pruss said if the recount is ordered, the Madison County canvassing board would likely meet on Wednesday, Dec. 2, at 9 a.m.

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