District 22 race

Incumbent Mike Moser faces two challengers to represent District 22 in the Nebraska Legislature.

Roy Zach of rural Genoa and Mike Goos of Columbus join Moser on the ballot with the top two vote getters moving on to November’s general election.

Moser seeks to return to the Legislature to focus on jobs and taxes.

“Creating jobs by growing our economy, solving the budget shortfall and reducing property taxes are the most important issues and will be my priorities if elected,” said Moser, a former Columbus mayor who is seeking a second term as a state senator. “Property taxes are too high. With increased valuation, property taxes have soared and have become a big burden for property owners.”

Moser also wants to focus on projects that could benefit Northeast Nebraska.

“We also need to continue to work on completing the four-lance expressway system which was proposed in 1988,” he said. “The Columbus and Norfolk segments of the four-lane expressway are critical to the growth of Northeast Nebraska.

“While some progress has been made, we need to be vigilant to make sure that this progress continues. I will work with other senators to maintain the momentum we need to keep these projects moving forward.”

Moser said his endorsers include former Gov. Dave Heinemann, Sen. Mike Flood, Jim Pillen and Columbus Mayor Jim Bulkley.

Zach hasn’t held any previous political offices but was also a candidate to represent District 22 in 2010.

“My various work experiences have given me multiple perspectives and viewpoints on a wide range of issues in the agricultural, industrial and service sectors of the economy,” he said. “I am running for office to protect the fundamental liberties of the citizens of the State of Nebraska.”

Zach said being pro-life and pro-family would influence his work as a state senator.

“I firmly respect the sanctity of life from natural conception until natural death, as well as the sanctity of marriage,” he said. “I believe that these are essential foundational components of civilized society. I will introduce or co-sponsor pro-life and pro-family legislation.”

Zach also wants to focus on “the wise utilization of Nebraska’s natural resources.”

“We do not want to pollute, deplete or inefficiently use what our state has been blessed with by God, our creator,” he said. “Obviously, great care and attention must be paid to any and all legislation dealing with water, wind, soils, minerals and other vital natural resources.”

Zach also wants to see the completion of the four-line highway system “particularly U.S. 30 from Columbus to Fremont, U.S. 81 from Columbus to York and U.S. 275 from Norfolk to Fremont.”

Goos didn’t return a questionnaire sent out by the Daily News.

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